Racing Club vs Argentinos Juniors Match Preview

Racing Club vs Argentinos Juniors Match Preview


Giovanni Moreno's return promise an excellent evening for the Academia, as Colombia's international has become the cornerstone of Miguel Angel Russo's scheme. Claudio Bieler returns to the team taking over Pablo Luguercio's place, and he is aware he cannot let this opportunity go to waste as his performance might grant him a place among the starting eleven.

Argentinos has not been defeated in the last four weeks and the Bichitos Colorados will be looking forward to prolong their streak when they travel to Avellaneda on Sunday's night. Pedro Troglio recovers Emilio Hernández - Argentinos main playmaker - allowing Nestor Ortigoza to retire to the midfield and build the offense step by step.

Independiente's victory at the derby lowered Racing's spirit heavily. Patricio Toranzo will join team's captain Claudio Yacob in the midfield and his main duty will be to asphyxiate Argentinos' creation and widen the play from the wings.

Clausura's reigning champion will have to go through another test of fire, this week in Avellaneda. Will they secure the three points?


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