Espanyol vs Almería

Espanyol vs Almería Match Preview

Mauricio Pochettino's Espanyol should take full advantage of this game at the Cornella to recover from the wounds inflicted by Villarreal one week ago. Six players joined the local team during the summer, but their defense is still very young and will have a tough time securing the three points against Almeria. Espanyol's forces grow stronger when playing at their own home, and during the last season they obtained 33 out of 44 points at the Cornella. Javi Chica and Osvaldo will be unable to perform, forcing Aldo Duscher to assume the offense on his own thanks in his second game with the team. Iván de la Peña is still struggling with injuries and might not be ready to perform, especially when RCD Espanyol travels to Madrid in the midweek. This match is a must win for the Periquitos, as the next matches will have them facing rivals of unparalleled strength.

UD Almeria's coach Juan Manuel Lillo will have it difficult against Espanyol this Sunday, as his predecessor was doomed after his visit to the Cornella. "every war requires different warriors" were his words when asked about his strategy to defeat RCD Espanyol. Carlos García, Miguel Angel Nieto and Kalu Uche are back on the starting eleven and their presence will boost Almeria's offensive capabilities to its maximum. Watch out for Diego Valeri, a highly technical player that will play a key role assisting Almeria's strikers against Espanyol's goal.


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