Osasuna vs Real Sociedad

Osasuna vs Real Sociedad Match Preview


One month ago Osasuna and Real Sociedad took on each other in a friendly match in which the Rojillos celebrated a victory thanks to Real Sociedad's top striker Raul Tamudo. Real Sociedad supports a very competitive football and Osasuna might be trampled by their scheme if they don't fight hard to keep Erreala's strikers under control. The Rojillos, on the other hand, have not been able to score a single goal in the competition and they'll have to grow stronger at the Reino de Navarra to secure a vital point against a direct rival for the category.

Osasuna recovers Sergio Fernández in their back line and this would surely boost the chances of the local team to bag three points. Sergio missed the last two matches of the tournament, but his presence will be balanced by Masoud Shojaei's absence, with a flu. Jose Antonio Camacho will be chancing his arm upon Osasuna's performance against Real Sociedad: Team's coach introduced many modifications in the squad to face Mallorca but they didn't pay off, will he find a way to get Osasuna back on its knees before he runs out of time?


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