Werder Bremen vs Tottenham

For their first game in the group stage of the Champions League, Germany plays England as Werder Bremen and Tottenham Hotspur go head-to-head...

Harry Redknapp will lead his Tottenham Hotspur side that are carrying come injuries in to the fixture and will still look for a win. Luckily for Spurs they have a wealth of talent this term in players like Gareth Barry and the inform Jermain Defoe although there is a question mark over Defoe’s fitness. New Signing Van de Vaart is a possible start but most believe that lack of recent games will mean he may miss out this time. If he did play his experience would be very helpful.

Werder are a team that will not want to lose in front of their own fans and you can bank on there being a largely partisan crowd. They might not need it though as they are a tough team to beat at home. They travel a lot better so an away goal would be helpful. Why don’t you see if Harry can get a head start to take back to London....


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