Fight for 1st fighting the 3rd group of World Bowl, that is carried out in “Peter Mokaba Stadium of” Polokwane, in altitude 1.310 m.

* The confrontation will direct Carlos Batres, from Guatemala.


One of the surprises of qualifying African area was Algeria, which, initially, excluded Senegal, in the first qualifying group and afterwards accomplished it excludes also Egypt, which, little afterwards, conquered the 3rd successive Bowl of nations Africa. The “foxes of deserted”, from March, gave a line of friendly fights and, after they suffered two heavy defeats, from Serbia and Ireland, both with 3-0, they prevailed the 1-0 United Arabic Emirates, in the last one test, front they travel for the South Africa.

After this match, [Rampach] [Saantane] admitted, that his team faces problem in the attack and in the scoring, after the players do not finish the phases, however saw enough wounded persons returning and now wait for exists improvement, with the beginning of official obligations. The algerians are a total that supports many in the fighting spirit [k]��[i] the passion of footballers, that, in a lot of cases, removes patriotism, even… fanaticism, in t o n fighting space, something that the coach would want it is limited, so that do not exist punishments.

The technician of “[Fenek]” gave the stain and she stressed, that his team does not have something it loses from this organisation.
“Our objective is evident. It should we honour, with our behavior, inside and except fighting space and we represent worthily, so much the football of Algeria, African, but also [Arabi]9[ko] football, globally. We do not have nothing we lose, only that we gain. Him we will give all, in each game and, in the end of phase of groups, we will see in which level we found themselves and what we have learned”, they were the reasons of [Saantane], that pointed out also, that the climate is exceptional and his decision to leave it excludes the head [Mansoyri] it has not influenced, negatively, the moral of players.

The goalkeeper [Faoyzi] [Saoysi], that had been punished with three fighting, because the header that it had thrown in the arbitrator of final [Kopa] [Afrika], will be in the disposal of his trainer, after the [FIFA] “extinguished” his punishment. On the contrary, ugly was the news on the head and medium [Giazint] [Mansoyri], that, finally, will not accomplish fights in the premiere, one and [Saantane] judged him unprepared and to the brassard will take [Giachia], [skorer] the “golden finish”, that sent Algeria in the final phase.
Loss and in the attack of Algerians, that will not have nor [Rafik] [Tzimpoyr], while [for] the AEK suffered a blow in the leg and will not anticipate he is ready. Algeria, very probably, will be paraded with one more defensive 4-2-3-1 and with unique promoted [Gkezal], while [Ziani] plays, logically, in freer role, as central half.


1. [Loynes] [GKAOYAOYI] (ASO [Klef]), 16. [Faoyzi] [SAOYSI] ([Setif]), 23. [Rais] [EMPOCHLI] ([Slabia] Sofia)

2. [Matzint] [MPOYGKERA] ([Reintzers]), 3. [Nantir] [MPELCHATZ] (Portsmouth), 4. [Antar] [GIACHIA] (Bochum), 5. [Rafik] [CHALISE] ([Nasional] [Madeira]), 12. [Champimp] [MPELAINT] ([Aintracht] Frankfurt), 14. [Ampntelkanter] [LAIFAOYI] ([Setif]), 18. Karl [MENTZANI] ([Azaxio]), 20. [Ntzamel] [MESMPACH] ([Letse])

6. [Giazint] [MANSOYRI] ([Lorian]), 7. Riyadh [MPOYNTEMPOYZ] ([Soso]), 8. [Mechnti] [LATSEN] (Santander), 15. [Karim] [ZIANI] ([Bolfsmpoyrgk]), 17. [Antlen] [GKOYENTIOYRA] ([Goylbs]), 19. Hasan [GEMPNTA] (Portsmouth), 21. [Foyent] [KANTIR] ([Balensien]), 22. [Ntzamel] [AMPNTOYN] ([Nant])

9. [Ampntelkanter] [GKEZAL] (Siena), 10. [Rafik] [SAIFI] ([Istr]), 11. [Rafik] [TZIMPOYR] (AEK), 13. [Karim] [MATMOYR] ([Gklantmpach])


¶[lli] one of the big surprises of qualifying, but of the European area. Slovenia accomplished in the groups it leaves behind her Czech Republic, but also Poland and, terminating in the second place, behind Slovakia, to claim the qualification, in double fights series, in the final phase of World bowl, with opponent Russia. There, against the prognostics, even if it lost with 2-1 in Moscow, it overcame 1-0 in the seat (was proved “golden” the goal of [Petsnik], [st]�� 87[A], in Russia) and [panigyrise] her attendance in the grounds of South Africa.

The small small state of former Yugoslavia will fight in [Moyntial], for second time, even if his independent football's federation was founded hardly in 1992! The Slovenians go to the African continent with a lot of expectations, after also their draw brought in a group that is judged enough negotiable, while, with the exception of, perhaps, England, the United States America and Algeria certainly and is in their metres. And, specifically afterwards the yesterday's draw of American women, with ¶[ggloys], the current confrontation acquires separate interest, after the winner passes first, making enormous step for the qualification.

The players maintain retained optimism and what they want, above [apA] all, he is they entertain the experience and fight, for better possible. This it stressed also medium [Goyest] [Mprom], Robert [Koren], that admitted, also, that no one does not feel fear for England, even if it constitutes the big [fabori] group and prompted, those who them they have [xegrammenoys], [anatrexoyn] in the last year's friendly confrontation in [Goyemplei], when they lost with 2-1, however they had caused enough problems in the “lions”.
“All we were assembled in the work that becomes, so that we present themselves as much as possible more prepared in the matches that will follow and we are still better, from what against Russia. I believe, that we can play more well and… best they come, for us”, it reported aggressive [Zlatko] [Ntentits].

Glance [Kek], the architect of this disciplined total, admitted, that exists nervousness in the orders of footballers, that it has makes mainly for stress and the pressure that exists, so that they reach in their first victory, in big organisation, something that could not, neither in the World bowl 2002, neither in Euro 2000.
“The nervousness and the stress are accumulated, however believe, that this shows that we function as team and no as 2002, that the players was… in the knives. We are compelled to begin positively. We have located weaknesses of Algeria and I am optimistic, that we can overcome. What I can promise, is, that the team will turn linked”, pointed out the 48[chronos] technician, that considers good the fact, ��[ti] Slovenia is outsider, while it stressed, that he will be proud for his players, if they give their better self and deposit their hearts, in the fighting space.

[Kek], logically, will parade Slovenia with 4-4-2, having… heavy [Nobakobits], with [Ntentits] in the attack and their [Koren], [Rantosabliebits], [Kirm] and [Mpirsa] in the halves (two last ones in role extreme. The group of four of defence, very probably, will be constituted from their, [Soyler], Cesar in the centre and their [Mpretsko] (right) and [Tzokits] (left) in utmost. Under the posts will be found [Samir] [Chantanobits], [Oyntineze].


1. [Samir] [CHANTANOBITS] ([Oyntineze]), 12. [Tzasmin] [CHANTANOBITS] ([Mantoba]), 16. [Alexanter] [SELIGKA] (Ulex Rotterdam)

2. Half [MPRETSKO] (Cologne), 3. [Elbentin] [TZINITS] ([Marimpor]), 4. Mark [SOYLER] (Ghent), 5. [Mpostgian] [SEZAR] (Kiev), 6. [Mpranko] [ILITS] ([Lokomotib] Moscow), 13. Paint [TZOKITS] (Kiev), 19. [Soyan] [FILEKOBITS] ([Marimpor]), 22. [Matei] [MABRITS] (Coblenz)

8. Robert [KOREN] ([Goyest] [Mprom]), 10. [Balter] [MPIRSA] ([Oser]), 15. Rene [KRCHIN] ([Inter]), 17. ¶[ntraz] [KIRM] ([Bisla]), 18. [Alexanter] [RANTOSABLIEBITS] ([AEL]), 20. Andrei [KOMAK] ([Makampi] Tel Aviv), 21. [Ntalimpor] [STEBANOBITS] ([Fitese])

7. [Neits] [PETSNIK] ([Nasional] Bucharest), 9. [Zlatan] [LIOYMPGIANKITS] (Ghent), 11. [Miliboie] [NOBAKOBITS] (Cologne), 14. [Zlatko] [NTENTITS] (Bochum), 23. [Tim] [MATABZ] ([Gkronigken])


The two teams have not met itself never in the past

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