“Strikes” [Tores] Barcelona!

The absolute… transferable “blow” is prepared makes Barcelona, after afterwards [Ntabint] [Bigia] the new chairman of [Katalanon], [Santro] [Rosel] wants she brings in [Kamp] Mind [Fernanto] [Tores] [anti] the “astronomical” sum of 85 millions of Euros!

Dynamic… “entry” in the publics of [Mpartsa] it wants makes the new chairman of [Katalanon], [Santro] [Rosel], after the “powerful” man “[mplaoygkrana]” according to publication “Mirror” directs itself in the acquisition of [Fernanto] [Tores] and intends he allocates 85 millions of Euros, in order that the Spanish [soyperstar] is added in the… “deadly” machine of association.

It deserves it is marked that [Rosel] and the technician of [Mpartsa], [Pep] [Gkoyarntiola] they wish they see [Tores] framing in the line of percussion of Barcelona [neoapoktithenta] [Ntabint] [Bigia], while also 26[chronos] [for] Liverpool it has declared in past that the alone team for which it would turn in Spain is Barcelona.

In the event that is deposited proposal in “Reds” in any case most likely is [Fernanto] [Tores] becomes resident of… Barcelona, after the sum that will be given is “astronomical”, while [bretan]��[ki] team covers also a critical turning-point in her history and for the hour finds itself without trainer, while also the economic problems cause “suffocation” in the householders of association.

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