Fight for 1st fighting the 7th group of World Bowl, that is carried out in “Nelson Mandela Bay”, Port Elizabeth.

* The confrontation will direct Jorge LARRIONDA, from Uruguay.


The Ivory Cost qualified in the final phase of World Bowl, remaining invincible and in the two qualifying groups where [symmet]��[iche]. The “elephants” had absolute in their seat and, as it appearred, mainly in the second phase, the attack was their big arm.
In the Bowl of Nations Africa, the “Coast” could not reach in final, after was excluded, in the penaltis, however this does not prevent a lot of world to consider and to believe, that it is the better and [poiotikoteri] team, in the African continent. And, of course, a glance in [roster] [Iborianon] is enough, to prove it. Moreover, are not also a lot of countries, that have the possibility leave except mission footballers, as, [Mpakari] [Kone] (champion with [Marseig]), [Ampntoylage] [Meite] or even [Kangka] [Akale].

The draw brought the Coast in the 7th group, that has been characterized “group of death”. From there it wants [fy]��[ei] live and [gi]' [ayto] [i] federation decided it hardly engages, before 2,5 months, Sven [Gkoran] [Erikson]. The experienced Swede trainer has shown, in his long-lasting course in the space, that it is lover of defensive game, however, as he has appearred, from the little interval that is found in the bench, rather has changed brains and now is decided is adapted he in the material that allocates and is extremely qualitative and no put again footballers, with the talent, [Ntrogkmpa], [Toyre], Good, [Zerbinio], [Zokora], [Tiote], [Ntintan], they play full defences and… “we go for the 1-0, to keep him”!

The player barometer of [Iborianon] is [Ntintie] [Ntrogkmpa]. Aggressive [Tselsi] it emanates from exceptional season in England, [e]��[o] and in the representative group of his country it is a machine that it scores ceaseless, having it marks 44 finishes, in his 67 fights. For this reason, [alloste], all froze, in the hearing of news, that the head of Coast can lose [Moyntial]!
[Ntrogkmpa] was wounded seriously, in last friendly with Japan, however, it was submitted in achieved intervention and, in time record, to show it completes his full recovery and it is not excluded becomes the surprise and we see him in the composition of “Coast”, tonight, even if the initial estimates said, that it will be presented in the 2nd match.

[Kolo] [Toyre] [ektheiase] his trainer, fact that shows the very good climate, that exists between t o [ys] players and the Swede:
“[Erikson] has given accent in team work. It has accomplished it changes the mentality of team, but also each player, separately. Always, we had good footballers, however never we were not capable to work effectively, as total, to defend oneself and we attack as total”, it reported [Iborianos] defensive, that [ektheiase] and [Ntrogkmpa], characterizing him, as the big head of team, that him they have to need.

[Erikson] was trainer of England, when this had been excluded, from Portugal, in the semi-final of [Moyntial] 2006, however, the himself clarifies, that now does not exist no trace of revenge, after ¶[ggloi], then, they were unlucky and lost in the penaltis. For the current confrontation, it points out, that she will be completely different and it waits for from his footballers [paixo]��[n] with calm and concentration.

With regard to initial 11[ada] the “Coast”, Bari will be under the posts, [Kolo] [Toyre] and, very probably, Dad the central defensive twin while [Empoye] and [Tiene] cover utmost. In the trinity of halves will be, [Zokora], Grand mother [Toyre] and [Romarik] or [Tiote], while for aggressive [tripleta] they are judged all of the attendance of [Ntrogkmpa]. In this case, [Ntrogkmpa] will be in his top and in by, Good and [Zerbinio] or [Ntintan], while, if it does not fight, in the place of [for] region are Good and in utmost, [Ntintan] and [Zerbinio].


1. [Mpoympakar] Bari ([Lokeren]), 16. [Aristinte] [Zogkmpo] ([Makampai] [Netania]), 23. Daniel [Gempoa] (Abidjan)

2. [Mpentzamin] [Angkoya] ([Balensien]), 3. [Arthoyr] [Mpoka] ([Stoytgkardi]), 4. [Kolo] [Toyre] (Manchester [Siti]), 6. [Stib] [Gkochoyri] ([Goyigkan]), 17. [Siaka] [Tiene] ([Balensien]), 20. Mistletoe [Ntemel] (Hamburg), 21. [Emanoyel] [Empoye] ([Arsenal]), 22. [Soyleimane] of Dad ([Chimpernian])

5. [Ntintie] [Zokora] (Sevilla), 9. [Ismael] [Tiote] ([Tbente]), 12. Jean [Zaks] [Gkoso] (Monaco), 13. [Romarik] (Sevilla), 14. [Emanoyel] [Kone] ([Internasional] [Artzes]), 18. Make [Keita] ([Galatasarai]), 19. Grand mother [Toyre] (Barcelona),

7. [Seintoy] [Ntoympia] ([TSSKA] Moscow), 8. [Salomon] Good ([Tselsi]), 10. [Zerbinio] (Lille), 11. [Ntintie] [Ntrogkmpa] ([Tselsi]), 15. [Aroyna] [Ntintan] ([Lekbigia])


“Afterwards labours and troubles” qualified Portugal, in the final phase of World Bowl. After first it saw death with her eyes, it waited for, up to last fighting, in order to it terminates in the 2nd place and it qualifies, through the process of series, where took two victories, with 1-0, on Bosnia.
Henceforth, [Ibires] will fight in the grounds of South Africa with enough high ambitions and big expectations. Characteristic was the statement of [Lientson], as soon as was definitized the presence of Portuguese, in [Moyntial]:
“Portugal is from the candidates for the title”!

In the same length of wave move itself also other footballers, that wait for their country to show her value, to star and to reach tally, in this [Moyntial]. [Simao] points out, that this and his teammates are capable to overcome Brazil, while [Kristiano] [Ronalnto] reminds, that they are also these for does not have them no one [xegrammenoys], with regard to the conquest of trophy!
In any case, [Ronalnto] does not emanate from good season with [Real], while in friendly it was not also particularly good. The himself, however, does not lose his optimism and it declares, that he will be the one, that will try it raises in the backs all the team and it guides him… alone him (!) up to the end:
“The victory in this game will make the things easiest for us, with regard to our course in the organisation. I want to be in the better possible situation, so that I am nominated better player [toyrnoya] and I help my team to go tally”, reported the “ace of” [Real] Madrid.

In the bench is found [Karlos] [Keiros], that is adapted depending on [roster] that allocates and, at least, as it showed, at the duration of qualifying, as soon as they tightened the… leads, it tightened also the defence, that in the five finally match of line did not accept nor goal! Their pressure in Portuguese will exist once again, but will not be as big, as other years and this plays important role in the fighting calm of footballers.

In between, few hardly hours before the exceptionally critical confrontation with the Ivory Cost, publications of Press of Portugal caused intensities. The nanny “had been cut” by the mission, because a wound in the shoulder and in his place was called [Roympen] [Amorim]. Himself the player, however, when he turned in Portugal, declared, that in one week would be ready and this gave reason in many, in order to they say, that the fact of exclusion did not have it makes with his wound, but with the problems that it had with technical [tim], medium Manchester [Gioynaitent].
In any case, [Keiros] wanted it calms down the situation and it clarified, that, this moment, what comes first, is the match with the “Coast” and nothing more. With regard to the affair of [Ntrogkmpa] and if it plays, finally, all they agree, that it would be good to accomplish it fights, however and it becomes this they do not feel no fear.

Despite the wound of Nanny they are not expected to change also a lot of things, in 11[ada] Portuguese. ¶[lloste], in last friendly with Mozambique, the appearance of [Ntani], rather it ensures him a place in the initial form, as substitute of means of [Gioynaitent].
Thus, in 4-3-3 [Keiros], under the posts will be [Entoyarnto], central defensive twin will be ¶[lbes] and [Karbalio], left, sure, will be [Ntoynta], while right, the place “is played”, between t o n [Migkel] and in [Fereira]. In the trinity of halves, [Meireles] will be in role of cutter and [Nteko] freest, they are the two sure and other place it is claimed from [Pepe], that usually was the one that linked defence with the centre, in qualifying and player-tool [Beloso], that plays in the all places of centre. With regard to the attack, [Ronalnto], logically, will be top, [Simao] in right and [Ntani] left. Only in the event that is preferred [Lientson], will fight he of [for] region and, left, [Kristiano] [Ronalnto].


1. [Entoyarnto] ([Mpragka]), 12. Concrete (Porto), 22. Daniel [Fernantes] (Iraklis)

2. [Mproyno] Albis (Porto), 3. [Paoylo] [Fereira] ([Tselsi]), 4. [Rolanto] (Porto), 5. [Ntoynta] (Malaga), 6. [Rikarnto] [Karbalio] ([Tselsi]), 13. [Migkel] (Valencia), 15. [Pepe] ([Real] Madrid), 21. [Rikarnto] [Kosta] (Valencia), 23. [Fampio] [Koentrao] ([Mpenfika])

8. Pedro [Mentes] ([Sportingk] [Lis].), 10. [Ntani] ([Zenit]), 11. [Simao] ([Atletiko] Madrid), 14. [Migkel] [Beloso] ([Sportingk] [Lis].), 16. [Raoyl] [Meireles] (Porto), 19. [Tiagko] ([Atletiko] Madrid), 20. [Nteko] ([Tselsi])

7. [Kristiano] [Ronalnto] ([Real] Madrid), 9. [Lientson] ([Sportingk] [Lis].), 17. [Roympen] [Amorim] ([Mpenfika]), 18. [Oygko] [Almeida] ([Bernter] Bremen),


The two teams have not met itself in the past

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