Fight for 1st fighting the 1st group of World Bowl, that is carried out in “Green Point Stadium of” [Keit] [Taoyn].

* The confrontation will direct [Gioyisi] [Nisimoyra], from Japan.


Uruguay “chose” the difficult street, in order to it takes the qualification in finally the World bowl, after it did not accomplish it terminates in the first group of four of qualifying group of South America and, until 5th, was compelled to play series, with the Costa Rica. In any case and there it was complicated enough and qualified in the details, with the except her seat victory, with 1-0. Uruguayan, after those matches, satisfied in one enough… “poor” preparation, after they gave one friendly, with other Switzerland, in March and with Israel, on 26 May.

In any case, the group of [Oskar] [Tampares] showed very good elements and it is characteristic, that in two them match marked seven finishes (three in the Swisses and four in the Israelis)! The experienced trainer, that leads the team for second time to final phase [Moyntial], afterwards 1990, likes in a enough aggressive football, even if hard defence remains the… signal deposited “[seleste]”. And how does not make him this, when her aggressive line is constituted, from [Ntiegko] [Forlan], [Loyis] [Soyares] or even [Sempastian] [Ampreoy], familiar the Greek grounds, from his passage from ¶[ri]. In defence distinguishes Lugano of [Fenermpachtse] and [Gkodin] of [Bigiareal], while in the halves, [Rios] and [Peres]… “they bite”, in their suspensive duties.
[Latinoamerikanoi] travelled in the South Africa, with a lot of expectations and dreams for a good course, even if they know, that it will be supposed they try a lot, in order to they pass from a enough undecided group. [Tampares] has led to the system that will play and will be 3-5-2.
“I have decided in the system and initial 11[ada]. The tactic will depend from how it will roll the game, after alone sure that we will know before, is 11[ada] France! However, as play the footballers, that will be called to fight, they will be ready in order to they cope”, reported the 63[chronos] coach.

In between, the misfortune struck the mission of Uruguay, a 24[oro] before critical confrontation with France. The plane that would transport the mission in [Keip] [Taoyn] was nailed in the airport from cause of damage and thus existed long delay, that caused the vexation “[seleste]”, after did not exist other plane, in order to it takes to them from [Kimperli]. This was cause is postponed the afternoon training, while frenetic were the players, with [Forlan] to practise hard criticism in the organizers.

[Tampares], while it had decided 11[ada], few hours before the beginning, changed his drawings, after, as it pointed out, his objective is it gives bigger weight in the suspensive sector, so that it limits the trumps of opponents. Thus, in the trinity of defence they will be, Lugano, [Biktorino] and [Gkontin], [Peres] and [Rios] they will be defensively half and two [Pereira] they are right also left. Little more front, in free role, will be [Natso] [Gkonsales], while the aggressive twin is constituted by their [Forlan] and [Soyares].


1. [Fernanto] [MOYSLERA] (Lazio), 12. [Choyan] [KASTIGIO] ([Nteportibo] [Kali]), 23. Martin [SILBA] ([Ntefensor])

2. [Ntiegko] LUGANO ([Fenermpachtse]), 3. [Ntiegko] [GKONTIN] ([Bigiareal]), 4. [Chorche] [FOYSILE] (Porto), 6. [Maoyrisio] [BIKTORINO] ([Oynibersidad] [nte] [Tsile]), 16. [Maxi] [PEREIRA] ([Mpenfika]), 19. Men [SKOTI] ([Kolo] [Kolo]), 22. Martin [KASERES] ([Gioybentoys])

5. [Balter] [GKARGKANO] (Naples), 8. [Sempastian] [EGKOYREN] ([AIK]), 11. Alvaro [P]E[REIRA] (Porto), 14. Nikolas [LONTEIRO] ([Agiax]), 15. [Ntiegko] [PERES] (Monaco), 17. [Echidio] [Arebalo] [RIOS] ([Peniarol]), 18. [Ignasio] [GKONZALES] (Valencia), 20. Alvaro [FERNANTES] ([Oynibersidad] [nte] [Tsile])

7. [Entison] [KABANI] (Palermo), 9. [Loyis] [SOYARES] ([Agiax]), 10. [Ntiegko] [FORLAN] ([Atletiko] Madrid), 13. [Sempastian] [AMPREOY] ([Mpotafogko]), 21. [Sempastian] [FERNANTES] ([Mpanfilnt])


With the hand… God “figure 2”, [Tieri] [Anri], was found France in the World Bowl, after no one has not forgotten the way with which it qualified at the expense Ireland, in the series of European area. “[Trikolor]” they disappointed, in many match in qualifying, while, if they did not have the favour of arbitration, they would not have travelled in the South Africa. In any case and during the preparation the samples positive were not only also with the exception of certain good elements, that existed in Nikiforos game with the Costa Rica, in most recent friendly, with Tunisia and China, the Frenches puzzled intensely.

The climate in the team is not by no means good and gentleman of recipient hard criticism is [Reimon] [Ntomenek]. The 58[chronos] technician caused the sporting common opinion in the country, initially with his choices, after it preferred leave except mission footballers, as, [Mpenzema], [Nasri] and [Mpen] [Arfa] and it takes other, that did not have [ka]��[i] year or did not have a lot of time of attendance. And the fighting style of Frenches, however, is not such that it gives the step in [Ntomenek] it justifies his decisions. Many, in between their and Press of country, express the opinion, that the coach should be released a long time ago, however he appears, that the federation rather thinks she gives a lot of money that is his compensation of in the event redundancy ([peri] 1.000.000 Euros!) and thus it waits for, patiently, finishes the organisation, in order to goes also that… to the wish of God!

In any case, no one him did not think and a lot it gives… gold, so that will end up the mission in a [polytelestato] hotel, fact that caused the explosion, even the undersecretary of sports of France, that it practised [sklir]�� critical (finally it was proved that it was choice of [Ntomenek]!). As if did not reach all these, exists also “curious” climate in the lockers room, with the footballers, they suffer from… stardoms, they show marks of arrogance and they are enough distant. [Goyiliam] [Gkalas] did not want it speaks to the journalists and fames they made reason, that this became because he was bothered, that did not take [aytos] [to] brassard of head.

A other incident, that bothered [Ntomenek], they were the negative comments of many surnames, in the Press of France. [Ntesamp] was negative, with regard to the qualification “[trikolor]”, saying, that will pass South Africa and Uruguay, from the group, while, in general, few are the Frenches that have still faith in ��[yti] the team. In any case, the trainer prohibited the newspapers in the centre that has will end up the mission of “rooster”, while it imposes fine 50 Euros, in that it hears it makes comment on something that it has it writes in the newspapers, while, as it stressed, it cannot cut to them also the Internet!

In all this climate of contestation the Frenches are called to give a very critical game, toward Uruguay.
“Toward Uruguay we will see [an] we are good or no. Anything can happen in order to I am sincere. The opponents [presaroyn] a lot, when they do not have possession of ball, however, if we find way to circulate the ball, then are sure, that we will see a improved appearance, concerning them in friendly”, they were the reasons of medium [Toylalan], that have exceeded a uncritical harm that faced and is ready to fight. Optimistic presented themselves also the head [Patris] [Ebra], that declared, that despite the negatives that have come out, during the preparation, France is in position it recovers and it reaches in the end of way.

[Ntomenek] stressed, that it has in his disposal 23 embattled footballers and, as it said, characteristically, “I do not believe, that if a word represents us it is the calm. We are decided, aggressive and impatient”.
With regard to his plans for 11[ada], under the posts will seat [Loris], in right utmost defence will be [Sania] and in the left winger [Ebra], while central defensive twin are [Gkalas] and [Ampintal]. [Toylalan] will be in role of classic cutter, having, very probably, left his, [Maloynta] and right his [Gkoyrkif]. [Gkoboy] (except and if becomes the surprise with [Balmpiena]) and [Rimperi] will be promoted, in utmost, while in the top of attack sure is considered [Anelka]. [Anri] will not be in the initial form something that [Ntomenek] has clarified him in the player and the “ace of” Barcelona declared, that his such something strikes reason, after this year it did not fight a lot in the Spanish association.


1. [Oygko] [LORIS] ([Lion]), 16. [Stib] [MANTANTA] ([Marseig]), 23. [Sentrik] [KARASO] ([Mpornto])

2. [Mpakari] [SANIA] ([Arsenal]), 3. [Erik] [AMPINTAL] (Barcelona), 4. [Antoni] [REBEGIER] ([Lion]), 5. [Oyliam] [GKALAS] ([Arsenal]), 6. Marc [PLANIS] ([Mpornto]), 13. [Patris] [EBRA] (Manchester G.), 17. [Sempastian] [SKILASI] (Sevilla), 22. [Gkael] BENT ([Arsenal])

7. Frank [RIMPERI] ([Mpagern]), 8. [Gioan] [GKOYRKIF] ([Mpornto]), 14. [Zeremi] [TOYLALAN] ([Lion]), 15. [Floran] [MALOYNTA] ([Tselsi]), 18. [Aloy] [NTIARA] ([Mpornto]), 19. [Ampoy] [NTIAMPI] ([Arsenal]), 20. [Matie] [BALMPIENA] ([Marseig])

9. [Tzimpril] [SISE] (Panathinaikos), 10. [Sintnei] [GKOBOY] ([Lion]), 11. [Antre]-[Pier] [ZINIAK] ([Toyloyz]), 12. [Tieri] [ANRI] (Barcelona), 21. Nikolas [ANELKA] ([Tselsi])


2008 Friendly France 0 - 0 Uruguay
2002 World Cup France 0 - 0 Uruguay
1966 World Cup Uruguay 2 - 1 France

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