BET NEWS SUPERETTAN - Hammarby - Ljungskile SK

Hammarby-Ljungskile SK

Game for 11th fighting Superettan, that will become in capacity of 15.600 places “Soderstadion”, seat of [Chamarmpi], in distance of 530 kilometres.

The fight will arbitrate Johan Hamlin, with their assistants Johansson and Vallerius.


¶[lli] a defeat for [Chamarmpi], which presented jokes defensive operation, against [Ntegkerfors] and, as he was physiologic, it returned with empty hands, from “Stora Valla” (4-2). Bajen is 11th in the grades and, if it does not get together immediately, rather it will be supposed it forgets the rise and it focuses her interest in the guarantee of eve.

H criticism that is practised in Michael Borgqvist, for the course of team, is intense, while [Chamarmpi] it shows it does not have evident plan of growth and in the event new defeat, is very likely his replacement. [Fabori] for his place is the trainer of [b]' of team of [Norsepingk], Soren Cratz, which has also passed in the past, from the bench of Bajen.

Enough changed it will be [endekada] [Chamarmpi], for the match with [Lioyngkskile]. Borgqvist does not calculate punished Sema, Furuseth (medium) and Jarpa (left winger back), however, from the other, returned defensive Monteiro and Dahlin, strengthening thus considerably [metopisthen] home team.

MISSION: 2. David Johansson, 3. José Monteiro, 5. Robin Wikman, 7. Carlos Gaete Moggia, 9. Sebastian Castro-Tello, 10. Andreas Dahl, 11. Freddy Söderberg, 13. Isak Dahlin, 14. Sebastian Bojassén, 16. Tobias Holmqvist, 17. Linus Hallenius, 18. Max Forsberg, 19. Vladica Zlojutro, 20. Filip Bergman, 25. Jesper Blomqvist, 26. Simon Helg, 27. Valentino Pidré, 30. George Moussan, 40. Johannes Hopf


Her better this year's appearance marked the LSK. Were extremely impressive, in the match with [Mpragke] and the final 5-1 impress completely the difference of two teams, in the fighting space. Is found in exceptional situation, the last interval and henceforth aims more tally.

“The atmosphere in the team is very good. We eminently went him to the last game, however it is a difficult championship and is not allowed sag, not for a moment. [Chamarmpi] will recover, it had enough wounds until now and it should we wait for her reaction”, stressed the technician of LSK, Bo Walemark.

Were not reported particular problems for entertained. Will be absent however, because punishment, basic central defensive Josemar and Dohlsten will take very probably his place, in basic [endekada].


2008:2 - 2


[Lioyngkskile] has each reason for hoping in the positive result. It plays very good football, the hour where [Chamarmpi] is supported, exclusively, in the appetites, Hallenius and Castro-Tello. The counter-attacks entertained can make the damage.

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