Game for 10th fighting Superettan, that will become in capacity of 15.000 places “Stora Valla”, seat of [Ntegkerfors], in distance of 254 kilometres, from the seat of [Chamarmpi].

The fight will direct Fredrik Lundberg, with their assistants Langkow and Axmon.


It can [isofarise] [Mpragke], before the expiry of fight (1-1), however even the degree [iso]��[alias] be little considered few for the DIF, which was much better than her opponent and deserved the victory. Was an other exceptional appearance of team of Patrik Werner, that was maintained in the 5th place of grades.

In [Kalmar] it will continue his career, medium [Ntegkerfors], Johan Bertilsson. It realised exceptional appearances, in these 9 fighting and stirred the interest, so much the KFF, what [Erempro] and [Kalmar] it extracted, finally, his signature.
“I amazingly passed in [Ntegkerfors], however now came the hour I make the next step and [Kalmar] it strikes exceptional choice”, it declared Bertilsson.

Pleasant is the news on Patrik Werner, after came back in the trainings and most basic [extrem] Martin Broberg and henceforth is absent only surrogate back Kristiansson, [p]��[y] is absent for enough time, however is expected begins also this trainings, the next week.

MISSION: Sebastian Karlsson, Jonas Bohlin, Mikael Aldrin Nilsson, Andreas Holmberg, Christoffer Wiktorsson, Marcus De Bruin, Emil Berger, Tobias Solberg, Johan Bertilsson, Andreas Ljunggren-Eriksson, Peter Samuelsson, Andreas Gunnarsson, Christophe Lallet, Sebastian Henriksson, Erik Nilsson, Stellan Carlsson, Martin Broberg


In “16” the bowl Sweden passed [Chamarmpi], which made the surprise and excluded [Trelemporgk], from the continuity of organisation, prevailing 3-1, in “Soderstadion”, then from very good appearance. Bajen, in any case, does not go him well to the championship, it possesses the 10th place of table, even if it emanates from the easy victory, on [Basmpi] (2-0).

Apart from the fighting piece, [Chamarmpi] has also important economic problems and [gi]' [ayto] [i] administration is allocated to advance in reductions of acceptances, so that it decreases the expenses of association.
“Should all we make reprocesses. It is a difficult season and, if we do not help the team, in the end will have no one wage”, declared medium Bajen, Simon Helg.

Without the precious defensive means Andreas Dahl will be paraded entertained, after it supplemented cards and it will be supposed [ektisei] punishment of one fighting. On the contrary, [apotherapeytike], completely, the basic stopper Dahlin and henceforth Michael Borgqvist does not only calculate the long-lasting wounded persons, Monteiro, James, Segerstrom (defensive) and Shaaban (goalkeeper).

MISSION: 2. David Johansson, 5. Robin Wikman, 7. Carlos Gaete Moggia, 9. Sebastian Castro-Tello, 11. Freddy Söderberg, 13. Isak Dahlin, 14. Sebastian Bojassén, 15. Petter Furuseth, 16. Tobias Holmqvist, 17. Linus Hallenius, 18. Max Forsberg, 20. Filip Bergman, 22. Mauro Saez Jarpa, 23. Maic Sema, 25. Jesper Blomqvist, 26. Simon Helg, 30. George Moussan, 40. Johannes Hopf



[Ntegkerfors] has shown very good elements, until now, certain her will be absent Bertilsson, however once again it finds in position to cause a lot of problems in unstable [Chamarmpi], which is supported, exclusively, in the appetites of Hallenius. We wait for becomes one good match.

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