Fight for 1st fighting the 6th group of World Bowl, that is carried out in “Royal Bafokeng Stadium of” Rustenburg, in altitude 1.500 m.

* The confrontation will direct Jerome DAMON, from the South Africa.


For second time in her history, the New Zealand will fight in final phase of World Bowl, afterwards failed effort [to]�� 1982. And, of course, this time it can to feel… grateful in the [FIFA], that transferred Australia in the Asiatic area and thus remained alone her in the Oceania, in order to it fights with the giants of… New Calidonia,… Fiji Islands and… Vanuatu! And, by the moment where in the series the representative of Oceania does not find in her street, henceforth, 5th the South America, was found the Bahrain, from which it took the qualification, with white draw, except seat and with victory 1-0, in her seat.

The New-Zelanders do not have no one football's delivery and, in general, [polyascholoyntai] with the sport, which is in completely amateur levels in their country (does not exist nor professional category). Their big objective is they accomplish they even take one degree, opening… account, in the leading organisation in the world. In friendlily preparation, “[kioyis]” they lost from Mexico, Australia and Slovenia, while they took important victory, with 1-0, on Serbia. It is a total that supports many in the passion and the force, however is deprived quality and talent, while her players do not have the required experience, from big organisations.

In any case, the climate is very good, in general and it exists optimism, that the team can realise a decent course.
“It will be supposed he is one from the bigger games in the football's history her New Zealand. Each first match, in [toyrnoya], is always very important and this is truth. We know, that Slovakia is good team, however wants we take something good from this fight and want to advance in the group”, it reported aggressive [Kris] [Kilen], which, bantering, said in his woman, that they were wedded recently, that it will be late for the month [melitos], after it does not see finishing, at an early date, the obligations of country!

The head and knowner player of team, [Raian] [Nelsen], characterized humiliating the defeat of Australia from Germany, pointing out, that they do not want they suffer something proportional and how they will play for the victory. [Riki] [Chermpert] hopes, that his players will not be overwhelmed by the nervousness of premiere, stressing, that all are assembled in their objective.
Basic medium [Tim] Brown will be absent, after still he is not ready and will not risk his attendance and the technician of New-Zelanders intends it transfers in the halves [Iban] [Bitselits], exploiting the very big experience that she allocates, in order, rather, it limits [Chamsik].

The 49[chronos] technician, for a long time, plays with 3-4-3 and with difficulty she will change system, even if in the previous bowl of Confederations she had lowered the New Zealand with 4-4-1-1.


1. Marc Salted ([Goyelingkton] [Foinix]), 12. [Gklen] [Mos] ([Melmpoyrn] [Biktori]), 23. James [Mpanatin] ([Tim] [Goyelingkton])

2. [Mpen] [Sigkmoynt] ([Goyelingkton] [Foinix]), 3. [Toni] [Lokchent] ([Goyelingkton] [Foinix]), 4. [Goyinston] [Rint] ([Mintilant]), 5. [Iban] [Bitselits] ([Oklant] [Siti]), 6. [Rain] [Nelsen] ([Mplakmpern]), 18. [Antrioy] [Mpoiens] (New York), 19. [Tomi] [Smith] (Ipswich)

7. [Saimon] [Eliot] (free), 8. [Tim] Brown ([Goyelingkton] [Foinix]), 11. [Lio] [Mpertos] ([Goyelingkton] [Foinix]), 13. [Anti] [Mparon] ([Tim] [Goyelingkton]), 15. Michael [Mak] [Gklinsei] ([Madergoyel]), 16. Aaron [Klapcham] ([Kantermpoyri] [Gioyn].), 17. David [Mioyligkan] (free), 21. [Tzeremi] [Kristi] (Tampa Enters), 22. [Tzeremi] [Mproki] ([Nioykastl] [Tzets])

9. [Sein] [Smeltz] ([Gkolnt] [Kooyst] [Gioyn].), 10. [Kris] [Kilen] ([Mintlesmpro]), 14. [Rori] [Falon] ([Plimoyth]), 20. [Kris] [Goynt] ([Goyest] [Mprom])


Slovakia will fight first time in her history, in final phase of World Bowl, after it accomplished it makes the overshooting, during qualifying, excluding, Czech Republic and Poland, while it passed also Slovenia, that sent him for a… walk in the series, with her victory on Poland, in Warsaw, last fighting the group. The big arm of [Slobakon], in qualifying, that is expected to help them and now, was and is the strong attack, but also the intense enthusiasm that exists, in enough juvenile [roster].

During the preparation, Slovakia gave certain possible friendly, trying her forces, with teams from the all continents. Specifically, in the last one test, the players showed exceptional elements, overcoming with the 3-0 Costa Rica and they appearred that they are ready, for the big challenge.
In the bench is [Blantimir] [Bais], that with his hard work it has accomplished it gains the respect of players and world and now is found front in a historical moment, after, if [chrisimop]��[iisei] his son, in the halves, becomes the fifth pair of father and son, that will take part in [Moyntial]. [Bais] believes, that the pressure will be in “small”, however considers, that he is capable to cope and to shine, with his presence.

With regard to the attendance of Slovakia, the 45[chronos] coach points out, that the expectations and the ambitions are high and, with datum, that in the group that participates is absent very possible [fabori], will see the all matches with the line and the victory will be the objective. The work of trainer is also facilitated by the fact, that most basic defensive Martin [Skrtel] exceeded his wound and he is ready fights, therefore unique that remains doubtful is the young man of talented medium [Tselsi], [Miroslab] [Stok].
“[Pr]��[spathisoyme] we overcome, playing aggressive football, however I wait also for the same confrontation by the opponents. Even if it will be hard confrontation, I believe, that we have better team. Our likely failure will complicate a lot the situation and it will mean, that it will be supposed we try something different, in the next two matches”, it declared [Bais].

The bigger loss of [Slobakon] was the wound of means and head [Miroslab] [Karchan] (it fights in [Maintz]), after constitutes one from the most experienced units, however, from the moment where it did not travel in the South Africa, already, the trainer has been prepared, for his replacement. In any case, with regard to the system that will use, the 4-4-2 it is most likely and perhaps him we see in a… variant 4-1-3-2, with their [Bitek] and [Sestak] aggressive peaks and, certainly, [Chamsik], in their free role, behind.


1. [Gian] [Moytsa] ([Legkia] Warsaw), 12. Dusan [Pernis] ([Ntanti] [Gioyn].), 22. Dusan [Koytsiak] ([Basloyi])

2. Martin [Petras] ([Tsezena]), 3. Martin [Skrtel] (Liverpool), 4. [Marek] [Tsech] ([Goyest] [Mprom]), 5. [Rantoslab] [Zampabnik] ([Maintz]), 16. [Gian] [Ntoyritsa] ([Lokomotib] Moscow), 21. [Kornel] Salad ([Sloban] Bratislava), 23. Peter [Pekarik] ([Bolfsmpoyrgk])

6. [Kamil] [Kopoynek] ([Spartak] [Trnaba]), 7. [Blantimir] [Bais] (Manchester [Siti]), 8. [Gian] [Kozak] ([Timisoara]), 10. [Marek] [Sapara] ([Ankaragkoytsoy]), 15. [Miroslab] [Stoch] ([Tselsi]), 17. [Marek] [Chamsik] (Naples), 19. [Gioyrai] [Koytska] (Ulex Prague), 21. [Znteno] [Strmpa] (Xanthi)

9. [Stanislab] [Sestak] (Bochum), 11. Robert [Bitek] ([Ankaragkoytsoy]), 13. [Filip] [Cholosko] ([Mpesiktas]), 14. Martin [Giakoympko] ([Satoyrn]), 18. [Erik] [Gentrisek] ([Salke])


The two teams have not met itself in the past.

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