Fight for 1st fighting the 5th group of World Bowl that is carried out in “Soccer City Stadium of” Johannesburg, in altitude 1.753 m.

* The confrontation will direct Stephane LANNOY from France.

*** Denmark has accomplished it qualifies from the phase of groups and in her three previous appearances, in World Bowl!


Walk made Holland, in qualifying the European area, after it was the first country, temporally, that accomplished it takes the qualification, for the final phase of World bowl, achieving in deed a exceptional record, after it finished only with victories, the group that participated! This from only his was enough in order to it creates very high expectations, for the continuity, after “[Oranie]” they allocate very good total, with plenitude in the all lines (perhaps certain weaknesses exist in defence). What however, it perhaps causes bigger stress in the footballers they are the terrible requirements of world, but mainly the Press.

From the moment where they were completed qualifying, “tulips” gave a line from friendlily, in order that [Mpert] They eat [Marbaik] it can try persons and forms, [enopsei] [Moyntial]. Specifically, from March and afterwards, the Dutchmen marked only victories, certain from which they came with impressive way, with [charaktiristikotero] example last one test, on 4 June, with Hungary, that him they shattered, with 6-1!
The team is in terrible situation and it is characteristic, that she remains invincible, in 19 games, from September 2008, while in official 90[lepto] (we do not calculate the defeat from Russia, in the semi-final of Euro 2008, that it came in the extension) they have not lost, from 21 November 2007, when they knew a defeat, in incurious match, in Belarus, last fighting qualifying the European championship!

In good disposal are found [Ollando]�� footballers, that do not hide the high ambitions that they have for this [toyrnoya]. Of course, [Rafael] They eat [Nter] [Faart] it does not hesitate it stresses, that “[oranie]”, if they find in good condition they have the backgrounds to claim even the trophy!

They eat [Marbaik] it admitted, that the “tulips” are possessed by arrogance, considering however, that this, up to a point, is from their arms!
“We have a separate type of… arrogance, that constitutes one from our forces. However, it should not we leave him to advance very, because we will develop in disadvantage. And when the arrogance and the arrogance lead you to the fact, you want to humiliate the opponent, then this it turns boomerang. From the first moment I try him to pass this in the players”, it reported ��[echnikos] “orange”, that you reveal, that, will remain finally except fight ¶[rien] [Rompen], that appears to have exceeded completely his wound, however it does not want it risks, so that it suffers some relapse, from the moment that it has not trained, for a long time.

[Rompen] constitutes player-barometer for this Holland, however the plenitude [roster] that we mentioned before it does not make [Marbaik] dye him also black. The place of “[asoy]” [Mpagern] will take, very probably, [Kait], that will play in right. In the top it will play They eat [Persi] also the left side it will cover They eat [Nter] [Faart] with [Sneinter] they are in freer role, moved in the axis. The two defensively half, in the 4-2-3-1 Dutchmen, will be [Nte] [Giongk] and They eat [Mpomel], central defensive twin we will see, very probably, [Cheitingka] and [Mataisen], with… [gerolyko] They eat [Mpronkchorst] playing left winger back and him They eat [Nter] [Bil] gaining, at the phenomena, the battle in right, from most experienced [Oier]. Under the posts will seat [Sekelenmpoyrgk], that has brought vest basic… from his house!


1. Maarten [STEKELENMPOYRGK] (¶[giax]), 16. [Mikel] [FORM] (Utrecht), 22. Santer [MPOSKER] ([Tbente])

2. [Gkregkori] THEY EAT [NTER] [BIEL] (¶[giax]), 3. John [CHAITINGKA] ([Eberton]), 4. [Gioris] [MATAISEN] (Hamburg), 5. [Tziobani] THEY EAT [MPRONKCHORST] ([Fegenornt]), 12. [Chalint] [MPOYLAROYZ] (Stuttgart), 13. [Antre] [OIGIER] ([Aintchofen]), 15. [Entson] [MPRAAFCHAINT] ([Seltik])

6. Marc THEY EAT [MPOMEL] ([Mpagern]), 8. [Naitzel] [NTE] [GIONGK] (Manchester [Si]��[i]), 10. [Goyesli] [SNEINTER] ([Inter]), 14. [Ntemi] [NTE] [ZEOY] (¶[giax]), 18. [Stin] [SAARS] (¶[lkmaar]), 20. [Impraim] [AFELAI] ([Aintchofen]), 23. [Rafael] THEY EAT [NTER] [FAART] ([Real])

7. [Ntirk] [KAIT] (Liverpool), 9. [Rompin] THEY EAT [PERSI] (¶[rsenal]), 11. ¶[rien] [ROMPEN] ([Mpagern]), 17. [Elgero] OLIVE (Hamburg), 19. [Raian] [MPAMPEL] (Liverpool), 21. Klaas [Gian] [CHOYNTELAAR] (They speak)


From a impressive course in qualifying emanates Denmark, that accomplished it finally takes the direct qualification in the World bowl, terminating first, in a very difficult group, where it left behind her almighty, Portugal and Sweden, but also appreciable Hungary. The big arm of Scandinavians is the defence, that, specifically in difficult, kept to them live and there they owe, by far, their success. Of course, even aggressively, they do not fall short, after are not also a lot of teams that have in the orders the footballers with the quality and the experience, [Tomason], [Romental], [Mpentner] or even [Gkronkier], [Gensen] and [Pooylsen].

The Danes, in the four last friendlily, that they afterwards gave from March and, puzzled enough, losing from, Austria, Australia and South Africa and overcoming only Senegal, with 2-0. Morten [Olsen], that closes a 10[etia] in bench, is enough calm, in the effort that he makes in order to has the country one decent presence, after, recently, his football's federation renewed the contract, on still two years. In any case, globally, the climate is very good and does not exist also big pressure, something that it can help.
The Danes will wait for enough from “[palioseires]”, after the qualification in the “16” is a feasible objective in a group, with Japan and Cameroon (if we accept, that Holland it is big [fabori], for first-lead).

[Ntenis] [Romental] is presented optimistic and it gives in his team probabilities in order to it makes the damage.
“I do not include Holland in [fabori] for the World bowl. Usually, they begin very hard, however they lose a decisive game and are excluded. This happens continuously, when they play with a well organised opponent, as they are this moment Denmark. It is absent to them moulding players, [Rompen], while they are not so much possible in defence, as aggressively”, it reported extreme ¶[giax]. In any case, opposite is the head [Tomason], that considers Dutch as one from [fabori] in [Moyntial], however believes, that does not exist something in order to is afraid Denmark, while it claims, that the fact that a lot of players of Danes play or have fought in Holland, in the past, them will help a lot. [Larsen], with his line, stressed, that bigger danger it hides the game with Cameroon and no this with Holland, while ¶[gker] it points out, that objective of team, in the premiere, is the victory.

[Olsen] claimed, that nothing is not impossible in the football, however it admitted, that a draw in the start of obligations would be a satisfactory result.
“As long as I am trainer, I believe, that this was the bigger duration of preparation for big organisation. This is [ka]��[o], however now the preparation finished and the players is impatient, for the genuine games. We are ready and we are proud, that we represent our country, in one so much important fact. A good result, for us, would be the draw. Leave with to say, that tonight [fabori] it is Holland. They have very good units that play in [top] level, however we are ready to face them”, it declared the 60[chronos] coach.

The big hurt for Denmark is the wound aggressive ¶[rsenal], [Niklas] [Mpentner], that, in order that you reveal also the trainer, will not fight in the tonight's difficult premiere. [Olsen] admitted also, that from uncritical harm suffer, so much [Tomason], what Daniel [Gensen] and their attendance are doubtful. Thus, one likely 11[ada] can be constituted from their, [Soresnsen], under the posts, Simos [Pooylsen], in left, [Giakompson], in right, [Kier] and ¶[gker], in the centre of defence (except and if is preferred [Krolntroyp]), [Kristan] [Pooylsen] and Daniel [Gensen], defensively half, [Romental], from right, [Gkronkier], from left and in the attack [Tomason] (if it fights, with [partener] his, rather, Soren [Larsen], if the coach prefers 4-4-2. Differently, [Tomason] will play alone him in the top, with [Giorgkensen] it takes vest basic, in role of organizer, behind aggressive.


1. Sections [SORENSEN] ([Stooyk] [Siti]), 16. Stefan [ANTERSEN] ([Mprontmpi]), 22. [Gesper] [KRISTIANSEN] (Copenhagen)

3. [Saimon] [KIER] (Palermo), 4. Daniel [AGKER] (Liverpool), 5. [Goyiliam] [KBIST] (Copenhagen), 6. [Lars] [GIAKOMPSEN] ([Mplakmpern]), 13. They lapsed [KROLNTROYP] ([Fiorentina]), 23. Patrick [MTILIGKA] (Malaga)

2. [Kristian] [POOYLSEN] ([Gioybentoys]), 7. Daniel [GENSEN] ([Bernter]), 8. [Gesper] [GKRONKIER] (Copenhagen), 10. Martin [GIORGKENSEN] (¶[archoys]), 12. Sections [KALENMPERGK] ([Bolfsmpoyrgk]), 14. [Giakomp] [POOYLSEN] (¶[archoys]), 15. Simos [POOYLSEN] (¶[lkmaar]), 17. [Mikel] [MPEKMAN] ([Ranters]), 20. Sections [ENEBOLNTSEN] ([Gkronigken]), 21. [Kristian] [ERIKSEN] (¶[giax])

9. Son [Ntal] [TOMASON] ([Fegenornt]), 11. [Niklas] [MPENTNER] (¶[rsenal]), 18. Soren [LARSEN] ([Ntoyismpoyrgk]), 19. [Ntenis] [ROMENTAL] (¶[giax])


2008 Friendly: Holland 1 - 1 Denmark
2001 Friendly: Denmark 1 - 1 Holland
2000 European Championship: Denmark 0 - 3 Holland
1999 Friendly: Denmark 0 - 0 Holland
1992 European Championship: Holland 2 - 2 (4-5 [pen].) Denmark
1967 European Championship: Denmark 3 - 2 Holland
1966 European Championship: Holland 2 - 0 Denmark

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