Fight for the 3rd tour of Bowl Norway, that will become in “Sør Arena”, seat of [Start], in distance of 222 kilometres, from “Sandnes idrettspark”, seat of [Santnes].


From fair draw 1-1 with Viking, emanates [Start], passed Monday. Beautiful fight, with a lot of occasions, but [Start] could not take the victory, after Viking has been improved too much and she played good football.

Tonight, [Start] faces [Santnes] ([bA] of category), in the 3rd tour of Bowl Norway and it does not want it is repeated last year's “[mpam]”, when it was excluded from [Lob] [Cham], in extension (13-14, in regular duration 2-2), again in her ground, again in the 3rd tour of Bowl.

Five basic footballers of [Start] will be absent from the tonight's fight: [Gkoyntson] (most basic central defensive), [Mporgkersen] (basic defensive), [Charalntsen] (surrogate defensive), [Orst] (most basic aggressive), [Febangk] (most basic medium.

Initial 11[ada] the [START]:

Kenneth Høie - Hunter Freeman, Avni Pepa, Jesper Mathisen, Rolf Daniel Vikstøl - Christian Bolaños, Solomon Owello, Petter Bruer Hansen, Espen Børufsen - Christer Kleven, Mads Stokkelien.

Surrogate: Olufemi Oladapo, Morten Hæstad, Espen Knudsen, Jonas Werner, Ole C. Langeland, Christian Follerås, Johnny Kristiansen.

The [tessereis] last ones were included for first time in mission of [AA] of team of [Start].


Did not fight [Santnes], passed fighting the championship, after been on strike the employees of Municipal stage of city [Santnes] and the players do not have fight in their legs.
[Santnes] fights in the [bA] category of Norway, is found in the one before last place of grades, with 9 degrees, but with fight least and it fights for her eve, however very with difficulty it will avoid the fate, after her possibilities are very limited.
In the tonight's fight with [Start] it will have two-three absent players, that do not influence, however, her output.


It does not exist in the Bowl.

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