Fight for 1st fighting the 4th group of World bowl, that is carried out in “Loftus Versfeld Stadium of” Tshwane/Pretoria, in altitude 1.214 m.

* The confrontation will direct Hector Baldassi, from Argentina.

*** Two 24[ora] before the beginning of official obligations, her mission Ghana changed hotel and from the Northern side of Pretoria went 120 kilometres outside from Johannesburg, to a luxurious hotel, with the representative of Press it declares, that this change was necessary, without it gives more details.


A relatively comfortable qualification and in particular as first from her group, took Serbia, leaving second and [kataidromeni] France to fight in the series, waiting for the hand… God-[Anri], in order to it passes also this in the final phase of World bowl. This will be the first time where it will fight in [Moyntial] as Serbia, after her previous attendances it was, eight times, as linked Yugoslavia and as Serbia-Montenegro, in 2002. Trainer is [Rantomir] ¶[ntits], that, with his experience, it can help the Serbs to achieve, in this organisation.

In last friendly that it gave with Cameroon, the attack of Serbia removed fires, however was presented certain weaknesses in defence. In any case, the defensive operation of Serbs remains one from their big arms and the particular match did not worry the coach. The draw has brought Serbia in a enough negotiable group, after it avoided some megatherium and even Germany, that it has taken from the first group of capacity, it is not in such situation in order to him it scares, the given time moment. Specifically, the match of premiere, with Ghana, is separate importance, while the winner takes important precedence for the qualification. Also, because the Serbs are every team of psychology, they would not want, in no case, comes a unlucky result, that will spoil the very good climate that exists.

Defensive [Nemania] [Bintits] expressed his optimism, for the course of team.
“We have players that took part in the World bowl 2006. I believe, that it should we are prepared better, this time. Will not exist easy opponents, after each country has good players and all wants they fight in this organisation. The things will not be easy, however, are optimistic and we can accomplish him”, reported back of Manchester.
“If we gain Ghana all will become afterwards more easily”, were the statements of [Pantelits], while [Giobanobits] recommends sang-froid and faith in their football's philosophy.

¶[ntits] is presented and he optimistic and it believes, that match [p]��[emieras] hides always, as, enormous psychological pressure, which however, it believes, that the players can him fight.
“We have high ambitions and we allocate players champions, that know how they play, under arrangement of pressure. For [mena], my footballers are champions”, said the 61[chronos] technician, that admitted, that the loss of [Esien] is big hurt for the opponents, however knows, that his friend, [Miloban] [Ragebats], has created a very good total and will constitute dangerous opponent, for his team.

Thursday, Serbia had changed training centre, after there that was, initially, existed fears for wounds. The representative of Press stressed, that this has not influenced the footballers, that [paramen]��[yn] calm and it believes, that these obstacles will not play role, as soon as will begin the official obligations.

The ¶[ntis] it is not change 4-4-2, having is preferred them [Zigkits] and [Pantelits] aggressive twin (except and if [Lazobits], something that did not appear in the trainings), while in utmost play [Giobanobits], [Krasits], with their [Stankobits] and [Miligias] in defensively half. The group of four of defence will be constituted by their [Bintits], [Ibanobits], [Soympotits] and very probably [Kolarof], with [Omprantobits] it has few probabilities it takes his place, as left winger back. In the finish will be [Stoikobits], [Goyigkan].


1. [Blantimir] [STOIKOBITS] ([Goyigkan]), 12. Paint [ISAILOBITS] ([Zagklempie] [Lioympin]), 23. [Antelko] [TZO]��[RITSITS] ([Oyniao] [Leiria])

2. [Antonio] [ROYKABINA] (Munich 1860), 3. [Alexantar] [KOLAROF] (Lazio), 5. [Nemania] [BINTITS] (Manchester [Gioynaitent]), 6. [Mpranislab] [IBANOBITS] ([Tselsi]), 13. [Alexantar] [LOYKOBITS] ([Oyntineze]), 16. [Iban] [OMPRANTOBITS] (Saragosa), 20. [Neben] [SOYMPOTITS] (Dortmund)

4. [Gkoiko] [KATSAR] ([Cherta] Berlin), 7. Zoran [TOSITS] (Manchester [Gioynaitent]), 10. [Ntegian] [STANKOBITS] ([Inter]), 11. [Nenant] [MILIGIAS] ([Goylbs]), 14. They speak [GIOBANOBITS] ([Stantar] Liege), 17. [Milos] [KRASITS] ([TSSKA] Moscow), 18. [Milos] [NINKOBITS] ([Ntinamo] Kiev), 19. [Rantosab] [PETROBITS] ([Partizan]), 22. [Zntrabko] [KOYZMANOBITS] ([Stoytgkardi])

8. [Ntanko] [LAZOBITS] ([Zenit] of Saint Petersburg), 9. Mark [PANTELITS] ([Agiax]), 15. Nikolas [ZIGKITS] (Birmingham), 21. [Ntragka] [MRNTZA] ([Boibontina])


Without [s]��[nantisei] particular difficulties, in the second qualifying group, Ghana accomplished it takes the qualification, for the final phase of World Bowl, terminating first, front from Benin, Mali and Soudan. In any case, in order to it reaches there,… it needed, after, in the first group that participated, it ensured the qualification, after triple equivalence in grade, with Gabon and Libya!

In the two more recent friendly that gave, it knew heavy defeat, with 4-1 from Holland, while it prevailed 1-0 Latvia. The “black stars” go to the South Africa with a lot of dreams and high ambitions, even if they stood unlucky, after they lost their big star, [Mikael] [Esien], that is not, final, in the mission, leaving big void with his absence.
The ¶[pia] it declared enthusiastic, that team will play in this [Moyntial], in the African continent, fact that gives in all moreover motive, while it shows it fears more Serbia, despite Germany. Still more… aggressive, in his statements, was [Moyntari], that expressed his hope, that Ghana will accomplish it reaches up to… semi-final the organisation, while it stressed, that objective is it plays good football. Enough optimistic was also [Antigia], that it hopes plays the himself and in personal level, this decisive role, in [toyrnoya].

In the bench he is the Serb [Miloban] [Ragebats], that has made exceptional work in Ghana and has gained the respect of all. Now, it does not want it says big reasons and it keeps low tones, expressing his hope for something good.
“I am optimistic and full hope. I hope, the players they give their better self. We want to make big things, with this team. We will be assembled in the next match and we hope to leave from the World bowl having it achieves certain appreciable results”, reported [Ragebats], that, as it declared, for 90 thinly, tonight, will leave in the end his friendship with ¶[ntits], knowing, that it will be a difficult moment for the himself, however, as it says, he is professional and it will be assembled only in the game.

Ghana, with Serbia, they are prevailing in order to they follow theoretically big [fabori] for the qualification, Germany, in the phase the “16”, therefore, becomes easily perceptible, how many important is from each other confrontation.
�� [Ragebats] are not expected to change the 4-2-3-1 that usually uses, having [Amoa] unique promoting, with their Aegio, [Asamoa] to help from behind and ¶[pia] they are in freer role, coming out and as concealed aggressive. In any case, [Gkanezoi], in the event that it needs they change system in more aggressive 4-4-2, will have [Gkian], next to t o n [Amoa] and will go little more behind ¶[pia].


1. Daniel [ATZEI] (Liberty Professionals), 16. [Stefen] [ACHORLOY] (Heart of Lions), 22. [Ritsarnt] [KINGKSON] ([Goyigkan])

2. [Chans] [SARPEI] (Leverkusen), 4. John [PANTSIL] ([Foylam]), 5. John [MENSA] (Sunderland), 7. [Samoyel] [INKOYM] (Kingdoms), 8. [Tzonathan] [MENSA] (Free State Stars), 15. [Isaak] [BORSA] ([Chofenchaim]), 17. [Ampntoyl] [Imprachim] of SAINT ([Zamalek]), 19. [Li] [ANTI] ([Mpechem] [Tselsi])

6. ¶[ntoni] [ANAN] ([Rozenmporgk]), 9. [Nterek] [MPOATENGK] ([Chetafe]), 10. Stefan [APIA] (Bologna), 11. [Salei] [Ali] [MOYNTARI] ([Inter]), 13. [Antre] of SAINT ([Marseig]), 20. [Koyinsi] [OBOYSOY]-[AMPEGIE] ([Al] [Sant]), 21. Quantum [ASAMOA] ([Oyntineze]), 23. [Kebin]-[Prins] [MPOATENGK] (Portsmouth)

3. [Asamoa] [GKIAN] ([Ren]), 12. [Prins] [TAGKOE] ([Chofenchaim]), 14. [Mathioy] [AMOA] (Breda), 18. [Ntominik] [ANTIGIA] (They speak)


The two teams have met in 1997, in friendly, when existed still linked Yugoslavia, that overcame with 3-1.

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