Fight for 1st fighting the 6th group of World Bowl, that is carried out in “Green Point Stadium of” [Keit] [Taoyn].

* The confrontation will direct Benito ARCHUNDIA, from Mexico.


In the battle of defence of her title is thrown Italy, which was not complicated, in qualifying, in order to it takes the qualification, from a group where her more important opponent was Ireland. The conquest of trophy, in the grounds of Germany, in 2006, creates big and high expectations in the world, however, the Italians, in order to they repeat, if no the same success, but one proportional, it should they labor hardly, while the level of opponents it has gone up perceptibly and exists at least four countries, that show they are in better situation (Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Holland), while England and Germany are not in bad level.

[Martselo] [Lipi] decided it leaves except mission a lot of ringing names, as, [Toti], [Kasano], [Toni], [Nesta], [Ntel] [Piero], but also their [Gkroso] and [Mporielo], however it has kept the basic trunke of “experienced”, that was present and in [Moyntial] 2006. In any case, [e]��[kona] “[Skoyantra] [Atzoyra]”, in friendlily preparation, optimistic messages does not only leave, after, from passed November, in five matches, it accomplished overcome, with 1-0, only Sweden. Specifically, in more recently test, with Mexico (defeat with 2-1) and Switzerland (draw 1-1) the team showed unprepared and with a lot of weaknesses.

The 62[chronos] technician has burst out at the criticism that becomes, occasionally and is reported mainly in his choices and in the fact, that it preferred it takes with him nine footballers, that were also in the previous World bowl. “Mercy, anymore, with the criticism. We are not aged team. We have players big in age, however exist also the experience, but also the knowledge how you play in big organisations. We are a team that combines youth and maturity. Exist nine footballers, from 2006, that is to say percentage smaller the 50% of total [roster] and I do not believe, that existed never country that conquered [Moyntial] and in the next organisation fought with 23 new players! ”, said [Lipi].

Also, the former general director of [Gioybentoys], [Loytsiano] [Motzi], expressed the opinion, that Italy does not have no hope of passing nor in the “8”! As it stressed, the unique objective will be supposed to be one decent presence of team and afterwards to become radical renewal, bringing as examples [Kanabaro] of which the passport expired (!) and their [Tzamprota], [Gkatoyzo], that has remained from petrol!

[Fampio] [Kanabaro] admitted, that his team is deprived by the big Stars, however defensively is… inaccessible.
“We do not have any star, as [Kristiano] [Ronalnto], [Leo] [Mesi] or [Goyein] [Roynei] and we cannot play as Brazil, Spain or Portugal. However, when the match goes to defence, then no one cannot us reach”, stressed, with… pomposity, experienced defensive.

Moreover, [Tzenaro] [Gkatoyzo] you reveal, that afterwards [Moyntial] it will withdraw from “[atzoyri]”, after it feels, that it does not have more other energy and intensity, in order to it transmits in his teammates.

[Lipi], in the last training, “showed” 11[ada] that intends it parades against Paraguay (in system 4-2-3-1) and in this they exist, at the phenomena, two surprises.
“POL [Nioyman]”, in training “double”, in 11[ada] basic had not included [Gkatoyzo], but also aggressive [Oyntineze], [Antonio] [Nti] [Natale], that last year was, by far, leading [skorer] the Championship, with 29 goals. In their place was, [Almerto] [Tzilarntino], with [Simone] [Pepe] in right his and [Bintsentzo] [Iakoyinta] in left. [Ntaniele] [Nte] [Rosi] was defensive half, with [Rikarnto] [Montolibo], while [Klaoyntio] [Markisio] was found in freer role.
The pentad of defence with difficulty will change and will be constituted by the Gawk in the finish, their [Matzio] (right) and [Tzamprota] (left) in utmost and their [Kanabaro], [Kielini], as central defensive twin.
“If you cannot occupy what 11[ada] I will use, then better you change work! Come, now, which excuse you have? However I will not reveal to you, thus and differently. Say to you, for still a time, that still him I have not said in the players. If I say to you him you, tonight, it will not be right. We will see [an] you had right”, reported [Lipi].


1. [Tzianloyitzi] Gawk ([Gioybentoys]), 12. [Fenteriko] [Marketi] (Cagliari), 14. [Morgkan] [Nte] [Sanktis] (Naples)

2. [Kristian] [Matzio] (Naples), 3. [Ntomeniko] [Krisito] ([Tzenoa]), 4. [Tzortzio] [Kielini] ([Gioybentoys]), 5. [Fampio] [Kanabaro] ([Al] [Achli]), 13. Salvatore [Mpoketi] ([Tzenoa]), 19. [Tzianloyka] [Tzamprota] (They speak), 23. [Leonarnto] [Mponoytsi] (Bari)

6. [Ntaniele] [Nte] [Rosi] (Roma), 7. [Simone] [Pepe] ([Gioybentoys]), 8. [Tzenaro] [Gkatoyzo] (They speak), 15. [Klaoyntio] [Markizio] ([Gioybentoys]), 16. [Maoyro] [Kamoranezi] ([Gioybentoys]), 17. [Antzelo] [Palompo] ([Sampntoria]), 21. Andreas [Pirlo] (They speak), 22. [Rikarnto] [Montolibo] ([Fiorentina])

9. [Bitsentzo] [Iakoyinta] ([Gioybentoys]), 10. [Antonio] [Nti] [Natale] ([Oyntineze]), 11. [Almperto] [Tzilarntino] ([Fiorentina]), 18. [Fampio] [Koyaliarela] (Naples), 20. [Tziampaolo] [Patsini] ([Sampntoria])


From impressive course, in qualifying the area of South America, emanates Paraguay, which took comfortable qualification, terminating in the 3rd place (falling short of the equivalence in grade from Chile), hardly one degree behind the first Brazil. Of course, it is characteristic, that this was the first time in her history that it accomplished it gathers above 30 degrees! From then, [Latinoamerikanoi] gave seven friendlily, marking only two victories. Of course, these came in more recently test, from May and afterwards, revealing, that “[Almpirocha]” they are in good condition, front they are thrown in the battles of final phase of World bowl.

[Paragoyanoi] travelled in the grounds of South Africa with high ambitions and how it does not happen this, when they emanate from such course in qualifying, but also having it ballots in a very negotiable group, where not even theoretical [fabori], Italy, is not capable to scare them. According to those who they are said and heard, initial objective is passes Paraguay from the groups and afterwards it achieves what did not accomplish in the two precedents [Moyntial], when it was excluded, in the phase the “16”, passing in the semi-final.

Her big arm, in this effort, certainly and is the pluralism and the enormous quality that exists, from medium and front and mainly in the aggressive line.
[Straikers], [Oskar] [Karntoso], [Roke] [Santa] [Kroyz], Nelson [Balntes] and Loukas [Mparios] are a group of four fire, that a lot of countries would want they have also these in their composition. And imagines no one, that from this team is absent better aggressive, during qualifying, Salvador of Campaign, that, afterwards his entanglement in episode, in bars in Mexico, accepted a ball in the head and gave hard battle in order to it is kept, finally, in the life.

[Enrike] Genuine believes, that all will be judged in the battle of centre:
“It will be a battle in the space of intermediate line, without doubt, and will be a enough competitive game. We hardly work, in order to we play with the ball under and we have good circulation, but also we have her possession. Thus, we might affect Italy”, it reported medium ¶[tlas].

[Santa] [Kroyz], from his side, was optimistic, [enopsei] the premiere:
“We will overcome 1-0 or 2-0. We want the victory. We have good total and we can go him very well to [Moyntial]. We allocate compact total, with important footballers, in the all lines and mainly in the attack, where, for first time in our history, we have four first-class [for]. It will need, in any case, we play intelligently and we have patience in our game, chasing him goal with calm. The Italians are strong and, if they precede, they will be with difficulty for us, afterwards”, it pointed out the “ace of” Manchester [Siti].

[Cherardo] [Martino], that it has also not hidden [aytos] [tin] optimism [to]��, saw with satisfaction [Oskar] [Karntoso] of exceeding the wound in the ankle and of be placed in his disposal. In any case, in order that you reveal, it is not to begin him, after it has lost very a lot of trainings and is found in the bench. The Argentinian coach did not say nothing for 11[ada] that he will parade, while pleasant was their news and from, [Mparios], [Balntes] and [Santa] [Kroyz], that returned and they, in regular rythms of trainings. Thus, from the moment where all it will be in position they fight, more likely it is they play front, in 4-4-2 Paraguay, [Santa] [Kroyz] with [Mparios], in utmost, [Riberos] and [Mponet] and, as defensively half, [Kaseres], Genuine. In the finish he will be the head [Choysto] [Bigiar] and the group of four of defence it will be constituted by their [Tores], Genuine in utmost and central defensive twin, probably, their [Nta] [Silba] and [Morel], with outsider [Choylio] Cesar [Kaseres].


1. [Choysto] [Bigiar] (Valladolid), 12. [Ntiegko] [Mpareto] [Sero] ([Portenio]), 22. [Alnto] [Mpompantigia] ([Intepentiente] [Mentegin])

2. [Ntario] Genuine ([Poymas]), 3. [Klaoyntio] [Morel] [Rontrigkez] ([Mpoka] [Tzoyniors]), 4. [Ntenis] [Kanisa] ([Leon]), 5. [Choylio] Cesar [Kaseres] ([Atletiko] [Mineiro]), 6. [Karlos] [Mponet] ([Olimpia]), 14. [Paoylo] [Nta] [Silba] (Sunderland), 17. [Aoyreliano] [Tores] (As [Lorentzo]), 21. [Antolin] [Alkaraz] ([Goyigkan])

8. [Entgkar] [Mpareto] ([Atalanta]), 11. [Tzonathan] [Santana] ([Bolfsmpoyrgk]), 13. [Enrike] Genuine (Atlas), 15. Victor [Kaseres] ([Limpertad]), 16. [Kristian] [Riberos] (Sunderland), 20. Nestor [Ortigkoza] ([Archentinos] [Tzoyniors])

7. [Oskar] [Karntozo] ([Mpenfika]), 9. [Roke] [Santa] [Kroyz] (Manchester [Siti]), 10. [Entgkar] [Mpenitez] ([Patsoyka]), 18. Nelson [Balntez] (Dortmund), 19. Loukas [Mparios] (Dortmund), 23. [Rontolfo] [Gkamara] ([Limpertad])


1950 World Bowl: Italy 2 - 0 Paraguay.

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