Fight for 1st fighting the 1st group of World bowl, that is carried out in “Soccer City Stadium of” Johannesburg, in altitude 1.753 m.

* The confrontation will direct [Rabzan] [Irmatof], from Uzbekistan.

*** Never in the 80[chroni] history of World Bowls organizing country was not excluded in the first phase. Also, it is characteristic, that no organizing it has not lost her first game, in [Moyntial]!


They finished the lies for the South Africa, that is thrown in the battle, for a discrimination in the World bowl, that will be carried out in her country. “[Mpafana]-[mpafana]” they realised very hard preparation, that included and a line from friendlily, that they began from passed August and were completed on 5 June. After a very mediocre start, the team showed it finds her steps and it is characteristic, that with her recent victory, on Denmark, it supplemented 12 games invincible (last defeat, on 13 October 2009, from Iceland)!

[Karlos] [Almperto] [Pareira] located, from the moment where it undertook, weaknesses of Africans and with a lot of work it created a total that appears capable to stand at least decently in [Moyntial], that will become in his “house”. The last appearance with the Danes left a lot of optimistic messages and came out useful conclusions. The climate in the organizers is very good and it exists optimism, for a good course, despite the fact, that they have been found in a exceptionally difficult and undecided group, in which everything are likely.

In this he stood also Brazilian technical, that pointed out the fact, that the group is open and the all teams has probabilities of qualification, however, as characteristically it reported, his players do not fear no one and consider, that the South Africa is all ready for the organisation and can hope in a good course.
“I believe, that in order to you pass in the 2nd tour it should you make something separate and I am reported in the technical piece of game. It does not become we overcome France and Uruguay, only with our natural force. The children should play well also with the ball in the ground. This is our big force. In this I want my team it believes”, said, inter alia, the experienced coach, that has conquered the World bowl 1994, with Brazil.

Optimism exists also in the orders of footballers, something that appears also from their statements. Medium [Eberton], [Stiben] [Pienaar], it expressed his faith for qualification in the next phase, stressing, that the course can be continued also more. Also, other medium [Tsampalala] declared, that the South Africa ��[inai] here, simply in order to it supplements 32[ada], appreciating, that it can go him very well and make all the nation proud.

[Pareira] is not expected to parade particularly [epithetikogenes] total in the premiere and, logically, it will go to a system with four to defence, two classic defensively half, their three medium, front and unique promoted [Katlegko] [Mfela].


1. [Moenemp] [TZOZEFS] (Orlando [Pairats]), 16. [Itoymelengk] [KOYN] ([Kaizer] [Tsifs]), 22. [Si]-[Aimp] [GOYOLTERS] ([Maritzmpoyrgk])

2. [Simponiso] [GKAXA] ([Mamelonti]), 3. [Tsepo] [MASILELA] ([Makampi] Haifa), 4. Aaron [MOKOENA] (Portsmouth), 5. [Anele] [NKONGKA] ([Gkenk]), 14. [Mathioy] [MPOYTH] ([Mamelonti]), 15. Loukas [TOYALA] (Orlando [Pairats]), 20. [Mpongkani] [KOYMALO] ([Soypersport]), 21. [Sigiampongka] [SANGKOYENI] ([Gkolnten] [Arooys])

6. Macbeth [SIMPAGIA] ([Roympin] [Kazan]), 7. [Lantse] [NTEIBINTS] ([Agiax]), 8. [Sifibe] [TSAMPALALA] ([Kaizer] [Tsifs]), 10. [Stiben] [PIENAAR] ([Eberton]), 11. Teko [MONTISE] (Orlando [Pairats]), 12. [Reneilbe] [LETSOLONIANE] ([Kaizer] [Tsifs]), 13. [Kagkiso] [NTIKAGKOI] ([Foylam]), 19. [Sorpraiz] [MORIRI] ([Mamelonti]), 23. [Tantigise] [KOYMPONI] ([Gkolnten] [Arooys])

9. [Katlegko] [MFELA] ([Mamelonti]), 17. [Mpernarnt] [PARKER] ([Tbente]), 18. [Sigiampongka] [NOMBETE] ([Moroka] [Soyalooys])


After a adventurous course, in qualifying, it accomplished it qualifies Mexico, in the final phase, after, in the first group, it passed as second, in the equivalence in grade with Jamaica, while in the final qualifying group it needed it waits for until [finale], in order to it secures his attendance in the World bowl of South Africa. Sven [Gkoran] [Erikson] could not enter in the spirit of team and country more generally and “[trikolor]” they changed fighting person, afterwards the removal of Swede and the arrival of [Chabie] [Agkire], that [symmazepse], with the more,… mess, that had left [Erikson].

In friendlily preparation, the Mexicans puzzled enough, with regard to the sector of scoring, while he appears, that from this total of players is absent classic [for] region, the said “killer”, that will kill the opponents defence. In any case, existed also a lot of positive elements and, special in the last game with Italy, the players realised exceptional appearance, overcoming with 2-1. A victory that it can have somebody [bathmolo]��[iko] return, after it was in friendly match, however, filled with self-confidence the footballers and it constituted one psychological injection, [enopsei] the official fights.

Mexico is in period of renewal, after, with the exception of their exoerienced, [Koyatemok] [Mplanko], [Rafael] Make, [Gkigermo] [Franko] and [Oskar] [Peres], in remainder [roster] exist enough young men and many promising footballers. [Agkire] shows his confidence in them, after, specifically in aggressive [tripleta], it is likely we see 21[chronoys] [Ntos] Santos, Veil and 22[chrono] [Ernantes]. The coach of Mexican women pointed out, that his team did not go to the South Africa for tourism and gave the stain, [enopsei] the current confrontation.
“We came we play ball and no for tourism and we make [fil]��[ys]. The premiere, in a so much important organisation, creates stress, however, is sure, that my players will exceed him fast. The rival world does not scare us, after the games are not gained by atmosphere of platform”, stressed, inter alia the 51[chronos] technician.

The head and experienced defensive Barcelona, [Rafael] Make, has entered in regular rythm of trainings, from Tuesday and he is ready to fight, while ready is also precious aggressive [Gkigermo] [Franko], that now claims place basic, even if such something strikes difficult. In any case, the himself is not intimidated, from the fact, that [Agkire] it is likely to entrust young [Ernantes], declaring, simply, that it feels well and will respect the decision of his trainer, that if she is also this.

[Agkire] is… lobster, with regard to this 11[ada] that it will parade and for reason it prohibited also in his players to leak any information, via web pages, type… Facebook! In any case, if we receive [ypA] aspect most recent friendly with Italy, the trainer will use system 4-3-3, with [Ernantes] in the top of attack and their [Ntos] Santos and Veil [dipla] him. In the halves, will be, logically, [Torado] with [Choyares] and the Make very behind, central defensive twin probably it is constituted by their [Osorio] and [Rontrigkes], while in utmost defence sure it should is considered the attendance of [Agkilar], from right and [Salsido], from left.


1. [Oskar] PEREZ ([Tsiapas]), 13. [Gkigiermo] [OTSOA] ([Amerika]), 23. [Loyis] [Ern]��[se] the [MITSEL] (Guadalajara)

2. [Frantsisko] [RONTRIGKEZ] ([Aintchofen]), 3. [Karlos] [SALSIDO] ([Aintchofen]), 4. [Rafael] MAKE (Barcelona), 5. [Rikarnto] [OSORIO] ([Stoytgkardi]), 12. [Paoyl] [AGKILAR] ([Patsoyka]), 15. [Ektor] MORENO (Alkmaar), 16. [Efrain] [CHOYAREZ] ([Nasional]), 19. [Tzoni] [MAGKAGION] (Guadalajara)

6. [Cherardo] [TORADO] ([Kroyz] [Azoyl]), 7. [Pamplo] [MPARERA] ([Poymas]), 8. [Israel] CASTLE ([Poymas]), 18. Men [GKOYARDADO] ([La] [koroynia]), 20. [Chorche] [Tores] [NILO] (Atlas), 22. [Almperto] [MEDINA] (Guadalajara)

9. [Gkigiermo] [FRANKO] ([Goyest] [Cham]), 10. [Koyaoytemok] [MPLANKO] (Genuine [Kroyz]), 11. [Karlos] [BELA] ([Arsenal]), 14. [Chabier] [ERNANTEZ] (Manchester G.), 17. [Tziobani] [Ntos] SANTOS ([Totenam]), 21. Adolfo [MPAOYTISTA] (Guadalajara)


2005 CONCACAF Gold Cup: South Africa - Mexico: 2 - 1

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