Fight for 1st fighting the 7th group of World Bowl, that is carried out in “Ellis Park Stadium of” Johannesburg, in altitude 1.753 m.

* The confrontation will direct Viktor KASSAI, from Hungary.


Brazil was not complicated it takes the qualification, from qualifying the area of Latin America, that travels in the grounds of South Africa, in order to it conquers the 6th title in her history. ¶[lloste], they will be wish work for Brazil, to fight as [tropaioychos], in the World bowl 2014, in which she will be the organizer.

The group of [Karlos] [Ntoyngka] has high ambitions, even if drawing was not by no means. polite with him, after it balloted in group “fire”, with Portugal, the Ivory Cost and North Korea. What want the Brazilians is they terminate in the first place, so as to they avoid Spain, in the next phase, if she terminates 1st, in the 8th group. In any case, this is something that him they will think during [toyrnoya] and first concern it is are exceeded the obstacles Portuguese and [Iborianon], so that is ensured the qualification, in the next phase.

[Ntoyngka], in the four-year period that is found in the team, makes his own… revolution. Those who wait for they see a Brazil that will play full attack and it will open “fire, at will”, in the opponents defence, good it will be they revise. The 47[chronos] coach has passed a different philosophy and, already, we have we make with a total that is supported more in team work, but also in the discipline. Well [kordelakia] and [piroyetes], however what comes first, at [Ntoyngka], is the substance. How many rather now, that “[selesao]” it will be in a group with opponents that they have enormous quality and, if they find empty spaces, they can make her big damage. This was, [alloste] and one from the reasons that were excluded from the mission, [Ronalntinio] and [Antriano].

The technician “[kariokas]” many times over has expressed his admiration for [Loysio] and [Maikon], but also for [Zoylio] Cesar. [Ntoyngka] is “they eat” the tactic that followed [Zoze] [Moyrinio], in [Inter] and, probably, the Brazil, that we will see, abstaining and very. Of course, in order to [choresei] in same 11[ada] [Maikon], without it excludes [Ntani] ¶[lbes], it intends him it puts in position right back and it transports front his “[aso]” Barcelona, in role right half.

All this has become cause, so that becomes recipient criticism [Ntoyngka], that gave his own answers.
“Four years, that am in the bench, the team has marked 100 goals, therefore somebodies will be supposed they are more careful, in that they say. We have 30 finishes passive, therefore exist a balance. What occupies me is my work. I believe in the freedom of expression, however should exist also certain limits. I like I overcome. It does not play role, if somebody likes you or no. What that measures is becomes in the fighting space”.

[Zilmperto] [Silba] is from the more experienced players of Brazil and his placements is every leader. Medium the Panathinaikos it stressed, that “[selesao]” did not go for… [taxidaki] of recreation to the South Africa and unique objective is the conquest of 6th [Moyntial], in her history. For the himself, it stressed, that it has always motive, so that it answers in the criticism that to occasionally has been practised him.
“The responsibilities are every big [gi]�� Brazil, therefore will face a lot of difficulties in the first match. Will exist stress, in order to we achieve our first victory, however, most important they are, how will attribute the team, in order to it avoids some surprise”, he was certain from the reasons of “[asoy]” “clover”.

[Maikon], for his part, puts objective the conquest of World Bowl, while [Loyis] [Fampiano] wants it follows the footprints of [Ronalnto], after also he wears figure “9”, in the back. [Elano] wants it draws attention to his teammates, asking they respect the opponent and they do not take nothing, as datum.

From the moment where also [Zoylio] Cesar is all right also it has exceeded the problem that faced, 11[ada] Brazil, little, [eina]�� acquaintance. [Maikon] right back, [Mpastos] left and central twin [Zoyan] and [Loysio]. Front their, in role of clean defensive halves, [Felipe] [Melo], with [Zilmperto] [Silba] and ¶[lbes] it helps, from right, except and if is preferred [Elano]. In freer role it will be Badly and left his it will have [Rompinio], while in the top [agonsitei] [Loyis] [Fampiano].


1. [Zoylio] Cesar ([Inter]), 12. [Gkomes] ([Totenam]), 22. [Ntoni] (Roma)

2. [Maikon] ([Inter]), 3. [Loysio] ([Inter]), 4. [Zoyan] (Roma), 13. Daniel [Albes] (Barcelona), 14. [Loyizao] ([Mpenfika]), 15. [Tiagko] [Silba] (They speak), 16. [Zilmperto] [Melo] ([Kroyzeiro])

5. [Felipe] [Melo] ([Gioybentoys]), 6. [Misel] [Mpastos] ([Lion]), 7. [Elano] ([Galatasarai]), 8. [Zilmperto] [Silba] (Panathinaikos), 10. Badly ([Real] Madrid), 17. [Zosoy]�� ([Bolfsmpoyrgk]), 18. [Ramires] ([Mpenfika]), 19. [Zoylio] [Mpaptista] (Roma), 20. [Klemperson] ([Flamengko])

9. [Loyis] [Fampiano] (Sevilla), 11. [Rompinio] (Santos), 21. [Nilmar] ([Bigiareal]), 23. [Gkrafite] ([Bolfsmpoyrgk])


Historical moment for the Notherner Korea, that will be found in final phase [Moyntial], for second time in her history. Previous was before 44 years, when, in the grounds of England, became one from the bigger surprises, in the history of World Bowl. [BoreioKoreates], that they had lost 3-0 from Russia, in the premiere and brought 1-1 with Chile, accomplished, last fighting, they overcome 1-0 Italy and they qualify in the next phase! There almost they write once again history, after they preceded 3-0 Portugal, however [Eoysempio] and his teammates made the enormous inversion and Portugal overcame, finally, with score 5-3.

Now, even the characterization of outsider possibly is few for their [Boreiokoreates], that, almost the all world, has [xegrammenoys]. And, of course, no one cannot say also something different, while is a total completely unknown, that does not have experience from big organisations, while has also balloted in a group… fire, with opponents, Brazil, Portugal and the Ivory Cost.
Moreover, it is characteristic, that in [roster] North Korea exist only three players that fight outside from their country, from which hardly one plays in Europe! The reason for [Chongk] [Giongk] Son, that fights in [Rostof] of Russia and will be the one, from which, the trainer will wait for most. [Giongk] [Tae] In fights in Japan, with the vest of [Kabasaki] [Frontale] and he will be, perhaps, the footballer that will raise the weight of scoring. The other legionary is medium If [Gioyngk] [Chak] and plays also this in Japan, with [Omigia] ¶[rntia].

The fighting style of [Boreiokoreaton] is little a lot of acquaintance. Team that supports almost everything in her defensive operation and is characteristic, that in the 1st qualifying group, that was found, it kept the “zero” passive! Moreover, [Choyn] is one enough strict trainer and lover of discipline, that many times over reminds… army and this of is still characteristic [t]�� team.

In big bouncing fell [BoreioKoreates], little front they deposit final [roster]. The trainer of North corea, wanting “it gains” aggressive, declared [Kim] [Miongk] [Goyon], as third goalkeeper, with the hope of using him regularly in the fights, if it needs help, in the line of percussion! However, the [FIFA] clarified, that [Goyon] will have right fight only as goalkeeper!

[Kim] [Gioyngk] [Choyn] is this lover of discipline and organisation and has passed him, to a great degree, in the team. During qualifying was disputed, however the qualification in his [Moyntial] gave the… kiss of life. The 54[chronos] technician, knowing, that she does not have in his disposal players with big quality, them has adapted all in a [amyntikogenes] style and she is a total that is supported in team work, after is absent the big Star.
[Choyn] believes, that the course 1966 constitutes source of inspiration, for each footballer, however supports, that the actual generation has the “metal” that needs, in order to it overcomes Brazil!

“In the football do not always gain best. We will give our better self and we will see what will become”, said [Choyn], that has placed personal objective the entry in the “16”.

If [Giongk] [Chak] admits the difficulty of confrontation, while it speaks for a “dream that becomes reality”.
“It cannot say no one, that we have big occasion, as also no one it cannot say, that we do not have also no occasion. It will not be easy [gi]��[oyme] competitive, toward players as Badly, however, except all these, it is for a big dream”, it reported medium [Omigia] ¶[rntia].

[Choyn] will fill the centre and defence and it will play, as all show, with one unique promoting, that this will be [Giongk] [Tae] In. “European” [Giongk] Son will be more behind, helping and in the creation.


1. [Ri] [Miongk] [Gkoyk] ([Piongkiangk] [Siti]), 18. [Kim] [Miongk] [Gkil] ([Amrokgkangk]), 20. [Kim] [Miongk] [Goyon] ([Amrokgkangk])

2. [Tsa] [Giongk] [Chiok] ([Amrokgkangk]), 3. [Ri] [Gioyn] II ([Sompaeskoy]), 5. [Ri] [Koyangk] [Tson] (25 April), 8. For [Gioyn] [Nam] (25 April), 13. [Pak] [Tsol] [Gin] ([Amrokgkangk]), 14. [Pak] [Nam]-[Tsol] ([Amrokgkangk]), 16. [Nam] [Songk] [Tsol] (25 April), 21. [Ri] [Koyangk] [Chiok] ([Kiongkongkop])

4. [Pak] [Nam] [Tsol] (25 April), 11. [Moyn] [In] [Gkoyk] (25 April), 15. [Kim] [Giongk] [Gioyn] ([Piongkiangk] [Siti]), 17. If [Gioyngk] [Chak] ([Omigia] [Arntia]), 19. [Ri] [Tsol] [Miongk] ([Piongkiangk] [Siti]), 22. [Kim] [Kiongk] II ([Rimiongksoy]), 23. [Pak] [Soyngk] [Chiok] ([Sompaeskoy])

6. [Kim] [Koym] II (25 April), 7. If [Tsol] [Chiok] ([Rimiongksoy]), 9. [Giongk] [Tae] In ([Kabasaki] [Frontale]), 10. [Chongk] [Giongk] Son ([Rostof]), 12. [Tsoe] [Koym] [Tsol] ([Rimiongksoy])


The two teams have not met itself in the past

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