Fight for 1st fighting the 8th group of World Bowl, that is carried out in “Moses Mabhida Stadium of” Durban.

* The confrontation will direct Howard WEBB from England.


With impressive way qualified Spain, in the final phase of World championship, which, in the 5th group that participated, terminated comfortably first, accomplishing in deed absolute, with 10 victories, in 10 fights! “[Foyrias] [rochas]”, afterwards the conquest of Euro 2008, it appears, that they removed from above them the… label “loosers”, that them chased a lot of years now and they go to the leading football's organisation to the world with the title [fabori]. And, from the moment, where, afterwards 2008, they showed character and went… train, in qualifying, why it isn't also [fabori]?

The Spanishes, afterwards their defeat in semi-final the Bowl of Confederations, in June 2009, have achieved 11 victories. Of course, in the last friendly test that gave, they shattered 6-0 Poland, with [skorers] six different players, showing all ready, for the big organisation. [Bithente] [Ntel] [Mposke], that it undertook from Aragon, continues his very good work [pr]��[katochoy] and, in general, exists very big optimism.

“Until now, I have lived a lot of important moments, no however the experience of World bowl. Most important is, that all we are well prepared. Positive is also the fact, that also the 23 players is in my disposal”, reported the 60[chronos] coach, that saw their [Tsampi] Alonso, but also Men [Iniesta] exceeding completely the problems that they faced, while you reveal, that [Tores] will take time of attendance in the fight, without says nothing more, for 11[ada].

[Ntabint] [Bigia] stood in [ployrarismo] that exists in the attack of Spain. When you are aggressive in this team, then it should you hang around until is given to you some occasion. In the fight it should you are kinetic, you change places and you use the depth of fighting space. I score, because I play for the team”, it reported 29[chronos] [straiker].

[Ntel] [Mposke] possibly does not risk with the all players, that faced problems of wounds, recently, however, [Bigia] will be, logically, the last one “ace”, in the 4-1-4-1 that play the Spanishes. In the pentad of halves will be, logically, [Tsabi], Alonso, [Silba] and, rather, [Fampregas], while with difficulty change the group of four of defence, where central defensive Barcelona, [Pike] and [Poygiol] they will be basic, while in utmost are used, [Ramos], right and [Kapntebila], left.


1. [Iker] [Kasigias] ([Real] M.), 12. Victor [Balntes] (Barcelona), 23. [Pepe] [Reina] (Liverpool)

2. [Raoyl] [Al]��[piol] ([Real] M.), 3. [Zerar] [Pike] (Barcelona), 4. [Karlos] [Martsena] (Valencia), 5. Karlas [Poygiol] (Barcelona), 11. [Zoan] [Kapntebila] ([Bigiareal]), 15. [Serchio] [Ramos] ([Real] M.), 17. Alvaro [Armpeloa] ([Real] M)

6. Men [Iniesta] (Barcelona), 8. [Tsabi] [Ernanteth] (Barcelona), 10. [Sesk] [Fampregas] ([Arsenal]), 13. [Choyan] [Mata] (Valencia), 14. [Tsampi] Alonso ([Real] M.), 16. [Serchio] [Mpoyskets] (Barcelona), 20. [Chabi] [Martineth] (Bilbao), 21. [Ntabint] [Silba] (Valencia), 22. [Chesoys] [Nabas] (Sevilla)

7. [Ntabint] [Bigia] (Barcelona), 9. [Fernanto] [Tores] (Liverpool), 18. Pedro [Rontrigketh] (Barcelona), 19. [Fernanto] [Giorente] (Bilbao)


Was complicated enough Switzerland, in qualifying, but qualified, accepting the… gifts of Greece, which however, in order to we say also crooked the right, him it overcame two times. Thus, it been saved the process of series and is ready for her 9th attendance, in final phase of World bowl. In the four friendlily preparation that it gave, from then, it puzzled enough, after lost in three fights and her better appearance was in the 1-1 with Italy, where, at least, it showed marks of improvement.

The Swisses allocate a enough experienced total, however enough they are those that characterize them… aged. And, seeing the age of certain basic executives of this team, cannot no one their [kakologisei]. If we put in the… game and the trainer, then, rather, they have absolute right! Otmar [Chitsfelnt] is a enormous personality that gains the respect of all, however is unknown, if it accomplishes it is adapted in the requirements of that modern football.

The Swiss footballers avoid a lot of comments and they remain retained optimistic, knowing, that they have also fallen in difficult group, where, Spain and Chile he is two from the strongest opponents. [Filip] [Senteros] stresses, that Switzerland does not have nothing it loses, contrary to the Spanishes and promised, that all will give their better self, in order to they claim a positive result, without they care that is not [fabori].

[Chitsfelnt], that is the one from the hardly three trainers that have conquered Champions League, with two different teams ([Mpagern], Dortmund) do not nourish delusions and it drips honey for the Spanishes, that characterizes them “[fabori] five asters”, but also as the team of century:
“They have incredible talent, with players of terrible quality, that are very tight and as team. They can be assembled in the attack, but also be perfect in defence. We play with [fabori] and we do not have we lose nothing. We would want to be those that will cause some surprise. The probabilities say, that at some time we will overcome Spain, therefore, because no, tomorrow! It will be supposed we are careful our defence, we defend oneself with nine footballers and “we strike” in the counter-attack. Also, it should we gain set up balls, where we are very dangerous”, it reported the exoerienced German coach.

Afterwards the wound of basic, [Spicher] and [Streler], in the preparation, that did not follow the mission, the problems do not have end, for the Swisses. Basic [for] [Alexanter] [Frei] and basic medium [Goyest] [Cham], [Balon] [Mpechrami], they did not exceed their wounds and they will be absent, sure, causing intense headache in [Chitsfelnt], that does not intend, in any case, in no case, it changes system 4-4-2.


1. [Ntiegko] [Mpenalio] ([Bolfsmpoyrgk]), 12. Mark [Bolfli] ([Gioyngk] [Mpois]), 21. [Gioni] [Leoni] (Zurich)

2. Stefan [Lichstainer] (Lazio), 3. [Reto] [Zigkler] ([Sampntoria]), 4. [Filip] [Senteros] ([Arsenal]), 5. [Stib] [fon] Bergen ([Cherta]), 13. Stefan [Gkrichtingk] ([Oser]), 17. [Loyntobik] [Manin] (Zurich), 22. [Mario] [Egkiman] (Hanover)

6. [Mpentzamin] [Choygkel] (Kingdoms), 7. [Trankilo] [Mparneta] (Leverkusen), 8. [Gkokchan] [Inler] ([Oyntineze]), 11. [Balon] [Mpechrami] ([Goyest] [Cham]), 14. Mark [Pantalino] ([Sampntoria]), 15. Hakan [Giakin] (Lucerne), 16. [Zelson] [Fernantes] ([Sent] [Etien]), 20. [Pirmin] [Sbegkler] ([Aintracht] [Fr].), 23. [Serntan] [Sakiri] (Kingdoms)

9. [Alexanter] [Frei] (Kingdoms), 10. [Mples] [Nkoyfo] (Seattle), 18. [Almpert] [Mpoynzakoy] (Nuremberg), 19. [Eren] [Nterntigiok] (Leverkusen)


1994 World Bowl: Spain 3 - 0 Switzerland
1966 World Bowl: Spain 2 - 1 Switzerland
1957 Qualifying [P].[K].: Switzerland 1 - 4 Spain
1957 Qualifying [P].[K].: Spain 2 - 2 Switzerland

* The two teams have met other 14 times, in international friendlily. Spain overcame in 12 fights, while two fights they expired even!

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